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Monkey in the Middle

Posted Mar 06 2009 2:03pm

FRIDAY:  Exercise

P2270018 (WinCE) Have you taught your kids the game Monkey in the Middle yet?

The simple rules:

  1. At least three people must play
  2. One player stands in the middle while the two others throw the ball back and forth to each other.
  3. Middle player tries to intercept the ball.
  4. Variations:  Don’t use a ball. Use bean bags, a hand towel, or a slipper.

There are many spontaneous pick up games of Monkey in the Middle.  For example when the boys are trying to keep flip-floppers favorite stuffed animal away from her..  But they really love it if my husband and I will participate.  I have to admit when they were younger, it was hard for them to understand why we were keeping something away from them.  Feelings got hurt or tempers flared.. but we kept at it and now they love to play.

Ketchup boy just had his 6th birthday and we got him a Nerf version of this game called Cosmic Keep Away. We all wear a colored band on our hand and the ball itself calls out who we are keeping it away from.  They like it far more than I anticipated.  I like it because

  1. They are moving
  2. They are forced to play it with other people, rather than the many solitary activities vying for their time.
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