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Mom's Peach Jam

Posted Jul 31 2009 11:53am
This recipe is so tasty!

Everyone says "My Mom makes the best cookies" or "My Mom makes the best spaghetti". I am here to prove everyone wrong. My Mom is the best at everything when it comes to baking, and I will fight you to the end on this one. I wrote in a previous recipe that my Mom used to help us bake things that we would enter into the county fairs and rodeos. One year, my Mom entered her Peach Cobbler and she won First Prize. We are not here to today to talk about Peach Cobbler but to talk about something else. Jam! She makes all varieties of jam, but by far her Peach has beat the rest. So please, give this one a try. You will NOT be dissappointed.

7 medium fresh peaches (4 cups smashed)
7 canning jars (lids included)
5 1/2 cups sugar
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1 tablespoon butter
1 packet Sure.Jell (recommend not using Ball)

Yields: 7 jars Jam

-place lids and bands in water
-place on stove and begin to boil

-place jars in water
-place on stove and begin to boil

stove set-up should look like this:

The reason for boiling your jars and lids is to sterilize and rid germs.

-peel peaches and cut into sections
-place in large bowl

-smash peaches
-measure 4 cups

-place 4 cups smashed peaches in large stock pot

-place lemon juice, butter, and sure jell in pot with peaches

- Stir constantly
-bring peach mixture to a rolling boil
-once to a rolling boil add sugar and stir one minute

-pull jars out of boiling water
-turn upside down for a few seconds

-turn jars right side up
-place large funnel in jar
-pour peach mixture in jar

-once all jars are filled wet a paper towel
-wipe all sides of jars

-drain bands and lids
-place on clean towel
-place bands on jars first

-place lids on jars
-use paper towel to screw lids on tight (will be hot)
-turn upside down immediately (5 minutes)
-after 5 minutes place right side up
-wait for jars to POP! (seal)

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