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MiniVan Medicine Chest: When the Boonies Call

Posted Aug 22 2012 2:02pm

The movement towards self-care is heating up, along with the rest of the country.

To help keep you cool, here is my short list of common summer time foods that can act as medicine if you’re in the boonies and away from a medicine chest. You should also travel with one: here is a well-stocked, inexpensive medicine cabinet .

But travel food-as-medicine is becoming popular. The New York Times has just described it in “Sick on the Road? Try the Grocery Store” (I’m quoted).  Five Ideas:

1. black tea and citrus peel, drunk regularly act as a natural effective sunscreen : 2 cups daily, recorded published data in elderly folks in the southwest. It’s probably the catechins in black tea and citrus both that block UV light.

2. 7 walnuts before or during a junk food/fast food meal for blood flow : they allow the major arteries to stay dilated instead of spasming from the starch, sugar and bad fats. It’s probably nitric oxide release which dilates the arteries.

3.  olive oil as a sexual lubricant: it also works! You don’t need a reference for this one: the link shows what to look for in an olive oil label . (Check out the Paso Robles Olive Oil fest this month!)

4. Ripe avocados make an emergency sunburn treatment : it’s the fatty acids which neutralize pain, apparently.

5. Honey is an excellent emergency antimicrobial and analgesic. Honey’s acidity, hydrogen peroxide content and immune system stimulation are likely responsible. I’d assume unfiltered, raw, wildflower honey is better than pasteurized: Manuka Honey ( MediHoney ) is FDA approved for wound healing.

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