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Mindless Eating

Posted by Nirmala N.

I recently read a WedMD article about "eating amnesia," or the act of "unknowingly putting hand to mouth," usually while you're in the middle of a spectator activity like watching television. Considering all the posts thus far about kicking the habit of eating junk, I thought it was interesting. The article listed some of the calorie counts on common snacks:

1 ounce of French fries = 88 calories

3 Hershey kisses = 75 calories

15 tortilla chips = 142 calories

20 potato chips = 162 calories

Of course, turning to healthier foods while in the midst of watching your favorite reality TV show is easier said than done. According to the article, however, it is important to try to kick the habit of constant eating while you're sitting and relaxing. Doing things like opting for a cup of tea or chewing on gum are alternatives. And of course, if you must eat, carrot/celery sticks or a pre-measured portion of chips (so you won't eat any more than that) are ways to go.

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