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Mindful Eating In A Busy World, Is It Possible? (video)

Posted May 19 2013 10:00pm

Do you ever find that when you’re on a positive roll to upgrade your healthy eating and living choices you find yourself in the hectic rush of a business meeting with colleagues, clients or back home with kids who aren’t interested in sitting at the table or a husband who wants to eat in front of the TV and you ask yourslf “how do I actually make this a reality in normal, busy life”?

I’m on a mission to make health eating and living a reality for you. Following my teleseminar which I held last week, The Magic of Radiant Health I received quite a few comments from women entrepreneurs who said that they really get it when I talk about the importance of mindful eating. Not just on our psyche but also because it affects our metabolism, our digestion, how we feel in our body and our clarity of mind. But they don’t know how to actually make this a reality when life is going on and you’ve got people around you, there are things to do etc.

Of course when you’re on a roll to increase positivity in your life you want others to join you. But the point that I always bring it back to, is, in the words of the great Gandhi ‘Be the change you want to see in the world‘. It’s important to take a step back and put yourself first to make it second nature in your own life. Not only will your positive changes naturally rub off on those around you, but it’ll be easier to encourage those around you to adopt some of these healthy habits without it feeling like it’s a struggle or you have to justify why you’re doing it.

No matter how hectic and busy things are around you, when it comes to meal times, you can always take just 1-2 seconds to step back and take a deep breath in…and out…Literally in that 1 second you send every single one of your cells a boost of oxygen and the message that it’s ok to slow down, your digestive system can relax and take the time to digest the coming meal as you don’t have to run away from an emergency. It’s about just resting for a few seconds before eating a meal and being mindful of what’s on your plate.

If you want to learn more about mindful eating and the importance of this healthy habit and others that take no time at all to implement, sign up for the recording of my teleseminar The Magic of Radiant Health in the pink box on the upper right hand side of my website to instantly receive my FREE call.

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