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Michelle Obama's anti-obesity campaign

Posted by Misia

I'm a a supporter of First Lady Michelle Obama's campaign against childhood obesity and I appreciate her commitment to urging US largest food companies to make healthier foods for children. In my opinion, blaming food giants for producing and marketing junk food, pointing out that they share responsibility for childhood obesity and demanding a more sensible conduct, is the most incisive move in the campaign for healthier kids Mrs Obama launched last month.

Of course talking to schools, parents, nutrition groups in order to make them more aware of the importance of a healthy eating is important, but I'm afraid it's not effective as long as companies keep on producing and marketing junk food.

Convenience is another keyword in the campaign: Mrs Obama asked food companies to reduce not only fat, sugar, salt and calories but also prices, because providing families with healthier food is not worth if they can't afford it.

What do you think about First Lady's fight against obesity? What results do you expect from it? Leave your comments!

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