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Posted Oct 13 2009 10:06pm

Bloggers, it seems, go through cycles. The blogosphere is an amazing place. A safe a place where one can share her thoughts and feelings with other people. A reflective place where ideas can circulate through a supportive community. In a sence, the blogosphere is an alternative home to bloggers.

It seems that this blogger has taken a vacay. Unintentionally – I promise! The program that I did in August/September came to an end a couple of weeks ago, but our course work is due on Friday, and we have a MASSIVE exam coming up. If I wasn’t taking classes, I would be in the clear, but sadly, I’m not. In fact, I’m taking 4 classes, three with practicals twice a week. On top of those, I’m  in a Renaissance Ensemble (vocal) and as of today, I’m the PRO (Public Relations Officer) for the UCC Geological Society. My papers have been written in bits and pieces, and now I’m rushing to get them done. Blogging has had to be put on the back burner, and I hate it. I hope to put a real post up soon.

I don’t have any photographs to show you… but this is what I’ve been enjoying lately:

Vegan Fruity Oat Biscuts. DELICIOUS.

Vegan Fruity Oat Biscuts. DELICIOUS.

The best blueberry Yogurt Ive ever had. And its VEGAN.

The best blueberry Yogurt I' ve ever had. And its VEGAN.

I love me some fruits and vegetables.

I love me some fruits and vegetables.

Mmmkay. Paper is calling my name. I SINCERELY apologize for the MAJOR, ULITIMATE, SUPER lack of commenting lately. The above reason for not posting covers that as well.

I do LOVE you all. You are my shining stars. Each and everyone of you.


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