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Mexicana Green Juice and Daily Juice Fast Blogging!

Posted Nov 29 2011 1:15am

mexicana green juice top thumb Mexicana Green Juice and Daily Juice Fast Blogging!

I have a delicious juice recipe for you today! I’m totally in love with it and hope you can try it and share the love with me wlEmoticon smile5 Mexicana Green Juice and Daily Juice Fast Blogging!. I also have an update on my fast and some news about my blogging frequency for the next month or so!

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Now on to my 40 day juice fast (you can read about my commitment and why I am doing it here ).

I have had a lot of emails, facebook messages and tweets (it’s certainly a social media run world…wlEmoticon winkingsmile3 Mexicana Green Juice and Daily Juice Fast Blogging!) asking for daily updates on my fasting experience. I have a very busy work and personal life so daily blogging has never been something I’ve wanted to do, but for this experience I am going to create some time every day to share my fast with you. I know many of you are curious!

Each day I will share some details of what I’ve experienced, including what I’ve consumed, various physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic updates and anything else I feel called to share.

I will also be doing blog posts on other health, detox and food related topics as always so if you’re not interested in my fast but love the usual articles, videos and other content I post, do not worry, I will still be providing this weekly.

If you receive my Bloom Time e-newsletter (which I highly recommend signing up to here for updates, free content and special offers and a great free report on key principles to improve your health fast), I’ll still be sending this out weekly, not daily.

For the sake of keeping a clear track of the fast each day, I am starting fresh from Day 1 again and will still run the full 40 days. I intended to do more than 40 days anyway so this will give me that opportunity while allowing you to check in with my updates from Day 1 onwards. I also got to enjoy some yummy meals before starting Day 1 again wlEmoticon winkingsmile3 Mexicana Green Juice and Daily Juice Fast Blogging!.

After 40 days, I will be doing 20 days of juices and blended foods and then 30 days of juice plus one meal per day. This allows a long and gentle reintroduction to eating in a way that will maintain the results I experience and in fact keep providing them. Breaking your fast intelligently is absolutely vital to your experience.

If you want to know more about this and be guided on your own short fast and break fast, join us for the short Sexy For The Season guided fast by registering here .

Now for an incredible juice recipe! The cayenne, lime and stevia together are amazing. So tasty you’ll never think it’s a super alkalising green juice you’re sipping. This makes me feel like I’m on holiday. Much like my Mojito-Inspired Smoothie .

Mexicana Green Juice


2 zucchinis

6 stalks of kale

1 head of cos/romaine lettuce

1 handful of parsley

3 limes

1 small piece of ginger

1/8 teaspoon (or more) of cayenne pepper

1 squirt of NuNaturals liquid stevia ( email me here if you would like to order some of my stock). You could use 2 green apples instead of stevia if you like but if you have a yeast/candida/bacterial overgrowth (most people!) then stevia is by far the best option.

mexicana green juice ingredients thumb Mexicana Green Juice and Daily Juice Fast Blogging!


Place all ingredients one at a time through your juicer, excluding the cayenne pepper and stevia. Add the stevia and cayenne pepper, starting with a little of each, and stir your juice. Taste and add more to desired sweetness and spiciness.

mexicana green juice side thumb Mexicana Green Juice and Daily Juice Fast Blogging!

Yes, this is a “Mexicana” juice in a Guinness pint glass with an Irish themed tea towel behind it. I like to mix up my countries and cultures to confuse you wlEmoticon winkingsmile3 Mexicana Green Juice and Daily Juice Fast Blogging!.

mexicana green juice top 2 irish thumb Mexicana Green Juice and Daily Juice Fast Blogging!

Reader Question: What’s your favourite juice recipe? Any different ingredients to share that excite your taste buds? Please do share – I’ll need plenty of variety over this journey! Please leave a comment below and let me know!

On that note, expect the first update tomorrow on Day 1.

P.S. Don’t forget to join me for your own transformative fast experience with Sexy For The Season. You can register here .

For more great health and life-lovin’ articles, inspiration and scrumptious recipes please subscribe to my eNewsletter , show me the love on facebook , and chat with me on twitter !

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