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Mercury Part 3: Canaries in a coal mine!

Posted Oct 03 2008 12:33pm 1 Comment

I’ve been reading Jenny McCarthy’s book MOTHER WARRIOR and I am blown away by it.

You may ask why were you reading this? You don’t have kids let alone ones with autism? The answer is twofold. I love her term “mother warrior”. I know I am a health warrior and I urge everyone out there to be their own health warrior. A warrior is what I call an ambassador. Someone who listens to their gut, who finds answers when they are not given any. Someone who doesn’t take “wait and see” and “that’s just how it is” or “there is NOTHING you can do” as an answer. A warrior is someone who says, oh yeah? Well there is something I can do and even if I don’t know what that is right now in this moment I’m going to find it and then you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to try it. And you know what? If that doesn’t work, I’m going to do it all over again and I’m going to keep looking until I find what I can do!! So you go Jenny! You tell them how it’s done!

She has a strong will and strong voice. The alternative protocols she discusses in the book are amazing and the battle she had with her doctors to get there is amazing. It is definitely something I can totally relate to through my journey. I think there are things that they are using to treat this epidemic that can be applied to all aspects of medicine and I’m glad to read that they are beginning to study this in a scientific and professional way. There methods to boost immune system through diet, supplements and other alternative protocols are definitely things I know work on the immune systems because I’ve done them. If you can “recover” kids from autism using these methods what else could be reversed or recovered from??? Imagine the possibility!

The other reason I am reading it is I came across the heavy metal / mercury / autism connection when I was researching my own mercury poisoning. I had read that mercury was in flu vaccines (which there is still mercury in by the way) and I remembered when I got one the year before last how sick I became. My immune system was compromised which I didn’t know and even moreover I certainly didn’t know my body wasn’t detoxing and my mercury level was through the roof.

Now imagine I’m a baby and I weigh 1/4 of my adult weight (if even) and I’m given 36 of these shots!!!!!!!!!! 36 vaccines!! I can see why their body would go into toxic shock if they had a compromised immune system or a detox problem like making too little glutathione or perhaps had a cold and took some baby cold medicine with acetaminophen (which lowers glutathione - the main antioxidant that detoxes metals from the body through the liver). You were only given 10 in the early 80’s. Consequently Autism went from being 1 in 10,000 kids to being 1 in 150 kids getting diagnosed with Autism!! Hmmm let me see. Vaccines sky rocket, autism skyrockets, environmental toxins sky rocket….connection? I think so! At least one worth looking into!

I talked to my doctors about this while discussing having kids in the future after I detox from mercury. I say doctors because I have more than one and I talked to both. They both started explaining the mercury/heavy metal autism connection . When kids with compromised immune systems are exposed to heavy metals and other toxins their bodies just can’t handle it and I was curious about this as I had never heard of it before. It’s the same reason why it took me 10 years for anyone to even admit something was wrong in my gut and that I had no gut flora, thus no immune system all because of heavy metal overload. This gut/brain/immune system/environment connection is real and it’s time to pay attention!!

Check out Jenny and Jim on Oprah:

(Photo below courtesy of Jim Carrey online ) How much do you love him? He’s amazing in his support, his humor and his depth of heart.

Jenny calls these kids “canaries in the coal mine”. They are the kids that are letting all us miners know that something is wrong that we need to pay attention. This reaction to heavy metals in our environment is serious. I certainly never in a million years would have known mercury was the cause of my health problems unless my doctor had tested me. Why aren’t we all tested? Why don’t we all know what our toxic load is? Why aren’t our kids tested? As I said in my post about mercury and fish, we must look at our environment, our coal energy use that is making our environment a heavy metal dumping ground and making people in it sick. We must use clean fuel! Once the mercury is redistributed to our environment and all the “miners” start getting sick there will be no time to fix it. As Oprah always says, let’s hear this message and listen to these angels and do something now. They are here for a reason and it’s to show us something.

I think EVERYONE should read MOTHER WARRIOR whether you have kids or not because these problems and issues are going to be part of our future and now is the time to fix it. The video below is awesome where Jenny addresses these issues head on with the AAP.

Jenny McCarthy taking on the APP on Larry King: Watch this!!

They are not saying not to vaccinate by the way, I want to make that clear. They are saying SLOW DOWN. Let’s look at what is going on. We went from 10 vaccines to 36 and kids are getting hurt. Let’s pay attention and find out why. Do we need ALL of these? So don’t get in a tizzy thinking they are saying not to vaccinate because that’s a whole other debate that I’m not getting into nor do I want to address here. They aren’t saying that at all. Jim Carrey says it best here:

I am absolutely thrilled that they are finally beginning to pay attention according to Katie Wright who wrote an update in Age of Autism. Maybe then even more people can be helped by these discoveries and hopefully the knowledge can be used beyond those with autism and we can see this form of medicine become mainstream. Wouldn’t that be nice?

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I haven't read up on any of this because, like you, I haven't been personally affected. You can't help but wonder when there are so many kids showing up with the same sypmtoms - what is going on? I'm glad we have strong women like Jenny who are willing to speak out.
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