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Mercury Girl: Part 4: My Heavy Metal Detox Plan

Posted Oct 14 2008 4:55am

I start my heavy metal detox today also known as chelation. I will be using DMSA (Captomer). This program prescribed by my doctor will rotate on a schedule of 5 days on Captomer and 9 days off Captomer. This is so I am always starting on a Monday (or whatever day I choose as it’s a 2 week interval schedule). Captomer strips the body of minerals as it binds to the mercury because it also binds to minerals so the 9 days off are to replenish my minerals with supplements. This is vital as I don’t want to get even more depleted than I already am by the mercury. It is also advisable but not mandated to get a colonic on day 3,4 or 5 of the Captomer week as most of the mercury leaves the body by waste product and most people don’t get rid of their waste efficiently enough risking re-absorption of the mercury. I am supposed to drink more than 8 ounces of water a day to help flush out my system. I’ve read 80% of the mercury in your body is in your kidneys. I don’t know if that’s true or not.

Here is the schedule I will follow:

Monday-Friday (On days - 5 Days total)

3 capsules of Captomer by Thorne Research in the morning for 5 days

2 capsules in the evening

On day 3,4,or5 of the Captomer I will get a colonic. It really helps the body detox faster and more safely.

Sat- The Following Sunday (Off days - 9 Days total)

1 capsule of Heavy Metal Support by Thorne Research in the morning and evening for 9 days

2 capsules of Basic Detox Nutrients in the morning and evening.

Then I do the Captomer for 5 days starting that Monday….and on and on on……

I will repeat this cycle for 8 months to a year depending how long it takes.

Once this program is working smoothly for about a month or two then I will then get my fillings out on the off days by a bio-dentist

I am also on many other supplements to keep my adrenals and liver strong for detox.

I will look for reactions like feeling foggy brain, nauseous, tired, weak, flu like, etc. As these are all signs that the mercury is coming out too quickly. If this happens I am to take a few days off of the Captomer and call my doctor to start a lower dose.

I’ve read a lot about natural methods of detox as well as other methods like Zeolite. I think it is absolutely crucial to work with a physician because if mercury is mobilized in the body without a clear exit route of the body it can be very dangerous as it can settle elsewhere in the body like in the joints, the brain, the heart, etc. So it was my choice to avoid any of those.

I will try and keep a daily or weekly journal of what I’m feeling as I go through this.

For more on my mercury research this directory page will always be at the top of my blog:
Following are links to my posts that chronicle my research on mercury and heavy metal toxicity and my journey to recover from mercury poisoning. I will updating, adding to, and changing these as I continue to research and learn.

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