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Mercury, Candida, and Me, Oh my! Part 1

Posted Sep 22 2008 4:36pm 3 Comments

Hello everyone! I have been busy researching like crazy as usual. My trusty binder is full to the brim again! This is going to be the longest post I have ever done and I think by the far the most extraordinarily important!

The first thing I want to say is that I officially no longer have candida!!! The tests came back at +1 which is way within normal, non-pathogenic, range. It’s normal to have some. I thankfully have no parasites. The bad news from that test was that I have no, and I mean NO good bacteria. This is most likely from the mercury poisoning I’m about to discuss and the slew of antibiotics I have been on in years past. As stated here:

Antibiotics are highly effective at killing bacteria, members of the animal kingdom. The healthy inhabitants of the human gastro-intestinal (GI) track, are bacteria. The gut bacteria are killed by antibiotics. With enough exposure to broad spectrum antibiotics, GI flora can be completely exterminated.”

What I wonder is how long I’ve had not gut flora. Here’s a good article about how the affect antibiotics have on your system. Lack of good bacteria in my gut explains the bloating that I’ve been experiences because my body doesn’t have the proper gut flora to break food down. So I will be supplementing with some super strong acidophilus that my doctor prescribed. Clearly my cultured veggies and coco-biotic are not doing it. I will continue to eat and drink those as they will help feed the new bacteria but I need something stronger to get things going. Another thing that causes this is mercury poisoning.

As you may have read last week I was diagnosed with heavy metal toxicity, specifically mercury poisoning. Mercury causes a change in the normal bacterial inhabitants in the gut which explains why I have no good bacteria. My mercury level was 30 which is two times the highest expected toxic level. The FDA says anything above 25 is mercury poisoning and the person then becomes symptomatic. Mine was so high it went off the charts of the diagnostics page. I guess they don’t have a “very very elevated” section.

The two causes of mercury toxicity that I will focus on are: fish polluted with heavy metals (which I will address in part 2 next week) and silver amalgam mercury fillings. I’ll start with what is in my opinion the worst offender; silver amalgam fillings: Why is it the worst offender? Because the public has quite simply been deceived. The FDA did a complete about face recently and it now appears that silver amalgam fillings are NOT SAFE for children, young women, and anyone with a compromised immune system. Here is a list of symptoms that takes up pages. Norway, Sweden and Denmark have totally banned the use of mercury releasing dental amalgam as of 2008. What about the ADA?

“The American Dental Association, which for so long has promoted the use of mercury amalgams, has recently divested itself of any culpability with regard to mercury. In a case before the Superior Court of the State of California, lawyers for The ADA and others stated: ‘The ADA owes no legal duty of care to protect the public from allegedly dangerous products used by dentists. The ADA did not manufacture, design, supply or install the mercury-containing amalgams. The ADA does not control those who do. The ADA’s only alleged involvement in the product was to provide information regarding its use. Dissemination of information relating to the practice of dentistry does not create a duty of care to protect the public from potential injury.’ Dr. Williamson goes on to make an observation: “Now, an obvious question arises: if mercury were safe, as the dental profession has insisted for years, why would the American Dental Association feel obligated to claim nobody can hold it responsible for the harm it has caused? Their statement is just a way of saying, ‘the stuff’s dangerous, but don’t blame us if it hurts you.’”-source

Having received over 9 silver amalgam fillings before the age of 15 and my first at age 9 or so, being a woman of child bearing age, and having a compromised immune system, this does not bode well for me. I have also had these fillings worked on numerous times over the years thus being re-exposed continuously to the most lethal form of airborne mercury from all the drilling. It only takes one broken thermometer to make an environment toxic. Amalgam sickness as it is also called is probably one of the most undiagnosed illnesses out there. I certainly didn’t know about it. My previous doctors certainly didn’t test me for it. Dana Herbert, who I met on Crazy Sexy Life (praise again for my health goddess Kris Carr without whom I never would’ve gone on this journey), has a wonderful blog explaining her amazing story in detail. I learned a huge amount by reading her post. Her perseverance to get answers is truly inspirational. Please take a moment and check it out. The x-rays of dental amalgam in her stomach will blow you away.

My new doctor, whom I love and adore, says he rarely if ever sees levels as high as mine. So of course my next question, my first and favorite word, Why are mine so high?

Well the answer is rather complex. The most unfortunate revelation of my tests is that they revealed that I have a small amount of lead which leads to what they call, “potentiation”:

“One of the problems with metals is their environmental persistence. Once mined and brought into the ecology, they last almost indefinitely. Also, we face the usually-ignored problem of potentiation, which means two relatively small doses of two different substances may have a dramatically enhanced effect when present together. For instance it is not widely known that the presence of lead (which is everywhere) makes mercury 100 times more toxic. We call these metal-metal interactions and they might be quite critical in the formation of cancers. Animal studies also indicate, for example, that calcium enhances lead toxicity in rats and cadmium increases the likelihood of cadmium-induced prostatic cancer. Given these insights, the complacency of traditional dentists over the cocktail of metalloids they put in our mouths as “amalgam” is little short of scientific folly. In the US they call them silver fillings, in an effort to imply purity and divert from the fact they are an amalgam of several different metals, of which silver is only a small proportion of the whole.

As you can see here and the list below mercury exists everywhere in our environment:

MERCURY SOURCES: adhesives, air conditioner filters, algaecides, antiseptics, battery manufacturing, body powders, broken thermometers, burning newspapers and building materials, calomel lotions, cereals, congenital intoxication, cosmetics, dental amalgams, diuretics, fabric softeners, felt, floor waxes, fungicides, germicides, grains, industrial waste, insecticides, laxatives, lumber, manufacture of paper and chlorine, medications, mercurochrome, paints, paper products, pesticides, photoengraving, polluted water, Preparation H, psoriasis ointment, seafoods (especially tuna and swordfish), sewage disposal, skin lightening creams, soft contact lens solution, suppositories, tanning leather, tattooing, water (contaminated), wood preservatives, and many more…..

The effects of exposure are even more complex:

EFFECTS: adrenal dysfunction, allergy, alopecia, anorexia, anxiety, birth defects, blushing, brain damage, cataracts, cerebral palsy, poor coordination / jerky movements, deafness, depression, dermatitis, discouragement, dizziness, drowsiness, eczema, emotional disturbances, excess saliva, fatigue, gum bleeding and soreness, headaches (band type), hearing loss, hyperactivity, hypothyroidism, forgetfulness, immune dysfunction, insomnia, irritability, joint pain, kidney damage, loss of self-control, memory loss, mental retardation, metallic taste, migraines, nervousness, nerve fiber degeneration, numbness, pain in limbs, rashes, retinitis, schizophrenia, shyness, speech disorders, suicidal tendencies, tingling, tremors (eyelids, lips, tongue, fingers, extremities), vision loss, weakness, and many more….

It looks to me like we will soon be facing a known epidemic of heavy metal toxicity in our society. I say known because it seems that it is happening now but nobody is aware of it.

“Mercury is found in the environment in three basic states: elemental mercury or mercury vapor, inorganic mercury, and organic mercury (ethyl-, methyl-, alkyl-, or phenylmercury). Each form has an individual toxicological profile and metabolic fate. The most frequent source of mercury exposure is open to debate.”- source

“The real point is this: mercury is toxic . And that statement is now beyond debate.” According to Dr. Williamson, The World Health Organization (WHO) states that there is no safe level of mercury in humans that does not kills cells and harm body processes. Florida’s environmental regulatory agency notes that one mercury filling from one tooth thrown into a lake is enough to contaminate that lake for fishing and swimming. -source

There is also the important understanding of the difference between organic and inorganic mercury which is best stated here:

Inorganic Mercury: Inorganic mercury (mercury salts) is found in cosmetic products, laxatives, teething powders, diuretics, and antiseptics. (2) Inorganic mercury can be formed from the metabolism of elemental mercury vapor or methylmercury(dental fillings). (7) Although inorganic mercury does not normally reach the placenta or cross the blood brain barrier, it has been found in the neonatal brain due to the absence of a fully formed blood-brain barrier. (6) Inorganic mercury is complexed with glutathione in the liver and secreted in the bile as a cysteine-mercury or glutathione-mercury complex. Chronic exposure to inorganic mercury salts primarily affects the renal cortex (10) and may manifest as renal failure (dysuria, proteinuria, hematuria, oliguria, and uremia) or gastrointestinal problems (colitis, gingivitis, stomatitis, and excessive salivation). Irritability and occasionally acrodynia can occur. (2)

Organic Mercury: Considered the most toxic and most frequent form of mercury exposure, organic mercury is found in fish, poultry that has been led fishmeal, pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, and thimerosal-containing vaccines. Thimerosal, which is 49.6-percent ethylmercury (a form of organic mercury), has been used as a preservative in vaccinations since the 1930s. It is currently mixed with DTaP, HIB, and hepatitis B vaccines or is used in the manufacturing process for vaccines, with resultant trace amounts being present in the final product. Based on existing Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations for vaccinations, a typical six-month-old child, if receiving all thimerosal-containing vaccines, could potentially be injected with as much as 187.5-200 [micro]g of methylmercury; the equivalent of more than 1.0 [micro]g per day. This amount exceeds the reference limits for exposure to mercury set by the EPA of 0.1 [micro]g/kg/day. (11) In the United States, at the FDA’s request, all vaccines are currently being produced as thimerosal-free or thimerosal-reduced (> 95-percent reduction) vaccines. Thimerosal-preserved vaccines are still available and used in clinical practice.

It is estimated by Dr. Gerald H. Smith, author of Reversing Cancer, that: “That 70% of all medical illnesses are directly or indirectly caused by human intervention in the dental structures (teeth and jawbones).”

“According to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, mercury is listed as the third-most frequently found (lead and arsenic are first and second), and the most toxic substance in the United States.” - source

My next question was what has this done to me?

This is where I was flabbergasted. I was absolutely stunned, haven’t been able to blog for a week stunned, literally speechless stunned, and the more I research the more stunned I get. It takes a lot to stun me. I’m not someone who is easily thrown by a diagnosis. I handle shock and stress like a day at the beach. Just to put things in perspective at just how stunned I was, mercury toxicity can cause just about everything I have ever had or have. It felt in a way like winning one of the slot machines in Vegas. Each coin was an answer, a reason for a symptom I knew I had but nobody could explain. I felt a sense of relief that at least now I knew what has been going on with me and moreover that I am not crazy or even worse, “just a weak person”. Every ache, pain, disturbance, or undiagnosed symptom was on a list of mercury toxicity symptoms. So now is the hard part, the list of symptoms. I will leave it to what I’ve experienced or am experiencing because the lists are just too long. I am going to include lots of links because if I were to explain how everything works in relation to mercury toxicity I could fill a book.

Hmmmmm. There’s an idea!

First off I urge everyone to watch these three videos:
The first is a 60 minutes episode called Poison in Your Mouth. It was so controversial and so aggressively attacked that it was never aired again. Now 20 some years later, they were right:

This video from the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology calledSmoking Teeth is a real eye opener:

This one from the University of Calgary about how mercury from dental amalgams cause brain neuron degeneration is fascinating and you must watch it. Unfortunately I can not embed it here but it’s really worth checking out.

MY SYMPTOMS: Here is what I now realize are symptoms of mercury poisoning in no particular order:

The first and most shocking to me is:

Mercury poisoning can cause candida: Here are some interesting statistics:

Dr. J. Trowbridge has written in his book “The Yeast Syndrome,” that some doctors specializing in candida treatment have reported to him that they have discovered clinically that 98% of their patients with chronic candida also had mercury toxicity.

“At Michael Biamonte’s health clinic, testing the mercury levels in his patients with various illnesses. Michael found that 84% of his patients with candida had elevated mercury levels, and that they were 60% higher than normal. The exact same numbers held for patients with parasites. 86% of patients with Epstein Barr Virus had mercury levels elevated by 68%. For those with chemical sensitivities 85% were 70% elevated and with chronic urinary tract infections 82% were 68% elevated. Most other conditions were much lower.”

Why has no doctor ever brought this up with me before!!

I HAD candida (it makes me so happy to say had) and I have Epstein Barr (not active). Why was this not tested before?! The amazing thing too is that testing for heavy metal toxicity is astonishingly simple and doesn’t cost much! Anyway, I digress.

Here is how it works:“Candida is often related to at least two other hidden modern epidemics: mercury poisoning and parasites. The majority of people who have mercury/silver amalgams (fillings) don’t succumb to chronic mercury poisoning (although they may have symptoms and dismiss them) if their immune systems are strong.

When a person’s immune system has been weakened they cannot eliminate mercury from the body and so develop severely mercury poisoning. Candida is present in everyone’s bodies and it’s necessary to maintain balance in the digestive system but one of its functions is to fight mercury so when too mercury is present Candida grows out of control.”

Adrenal Fatigue: Again. I went to doctor about 6 months ago asking them to check my adrenals as I thought I had adrenal fatigue. They said everything looked okay, only to find out from my new doctor that my adrenals are completely exhausted. I actually can’t start detox until I get better because it will be too much stress on my system.

“Longer-term chronic adrenal fatigue is often the result of continued sever physical, emotional, or spiritual demand being made on the individual. Multiple sever attacks against the immune system may begin with a specific factor which applies a generalized influence, such as heavy metals. A continuing, or acute exposure to pesticides, fungicides, herbicide, or other very toxic substances will increasingly distract and disable the immune system.” - source

Here is some really good healthy advice from Jigsaw (a really cool and informative company) on foods to avoid and foods to eat if you have adrenal fatigue. As they state on their blog:

  • If you have “silver” dental fillings, get an evaluation from a mercury-free dentist who specializes in the safe removal of mercury amalgam fillings. Exposure to mercury (a neurotoxin) damages neurotransmitters along the HPA axis and can be a cause of Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome. Find a mercury-free dentist in your area now!
  • They also offer this great service:

    Cancer: The mercury/cancer connection is complex. As stated here, “ Metals can directly and indirectly damage DNA and that means an increased risk of cancer (we call this genotoxicity). ” It also explains why so many cancers come back over and over again, “ Dr. Omura’s clinical observation concludes that one of the primary reasons cancer returns is because residual mercury reignites a pathological environment even after surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and alternative therapies report a positive effect. ” However it is even more complex than that. Cancer thrives in an anaerobic environment and that is what mercury does to your body by interrupting glucose metabolism. Part of this can be genetic (especially if someone doesn’t make enough Glutathione which is involved in detoxification of mercury by the liver) which leads me to the next symptom. This anaerobic environment explains why my cervical dysplasia was thriving and on it’s way to cancer. And my comprised immune system, which I will talk about, explains why I got the HPV virus and my body was unable to fight it off at first.

    Insulin resistance: (there are also connections to type 2 diabetes explained in detail here ): I’ve been told for years I was insulin resistance which every doctor brushed off as a consequence of my genetic lineage. This didn’t make since to me though because I am underweight, I exercise and I don’t even eat sugar or carbs. This can be a component but it’s not the whole story. Here is further information on mercury and insulin:

    “Insulin has three sulfur-containing cross-linkages and the insulin receptor has a tyrosine kinase-containing sulfur bond, which are the preferred targets for binding by both mercury and lead. Should mercury attach to one of these three sulfur bonds it will interfere with the normal biological function of the insulin molecule…….It is reasonable to assume a direct correlation between rising environmental mercury levels, mercury exposure through dental amalgam, heavy fish consumption and exposure to mercury in vaccines with the rapidly expanding diabetic pandemic, not to mention the host of drugs and even chemicals put into foods that are part of the diabetic equation. The medical establishment is dragging its collective ass when it comes to understanding the causes of diabetes and thus is remaining impotent in the face of a steadily worsening human catastrophe. It is perfectly clear though to health officials that the diabetic epidemic is expanding rapidly but because they scratch their heads about chemical causes they remain incapable of arresting the pandemic.” - Mark Sircus Ac., OMD, Director International Medical Veritas Association

    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: I was diagnosed with CFS a few years ago and haven’t really spoken much about it. Mostly because I thought it was something I would always have because the Eptsein Barr Virus and others had weakened my immune system. I thought I was just a “weak person”. Doctors always told me this is something I would just have to “deal with”. Like you deal with taxes or the dmv. It’s not fun but it’s part of life. My life at least. Well this is simply not true. Here is how it works:

    “Many proteins need to have phosphorus derivatives attached to them, and mercury will get in the way of this. This may explain, at least to some degree, the incredible fatigue mercury patients experience. The molecule in your body responsible for energy –ATP- looses a phosphate group when you use it and becomes ADP. Then another phosphate must be added to “refurbish” it to ATP, so your body can reuse it and mercury gets in the way of this.- source

    Compromised immune system and autoimmune disorders: The amount of information on mercury and immune system disorders is so extensive, complex and intricate it is truly mind numbing. My last visit to the doctor revealed that I have very low natural killer cells. Those are the immune cells that fight cancer. I am on the low end of normal, which is 14. Normal is 14-70. My doctor wants me at 70. I have since been put on Beta Glucan to help boost my system.

    The greatest danger of low levels of inorganic mercury ions in the blood stream is absorption into the immune cells. Nuetrophil’s (immune macrophages) actively ingest the GI absorbed inorganic mercury it perceives as an invader. Human immune cells are extremely sensitive to all mercury compounds. Immune cells will become dysfunctional losing secretion capability, ability to eat invaders, and mobility…..Enough mercury buildup can cause serious immune problems in macrophages, t-cells and supporting cells. Persons severely poisoned with mercury would seem able to achieve a disease state reminiscent of AIDS without HIV.- source

    Sulfur incapacitation and immune disorders:

    • “Joints and the outer coats of nerves’ insulation are largely made up of connective tissue called collagen. Two collagen molecules are hooked together by two sulfur atoms, one from each molecule. The sulfut from one collagen holds the hand of the sulfru from another collagen forming a cross-link.…Mercury has a great affinity for two sulfur atoms at a time because it often has an electrical need for two. This means it can easily get in between the two sulfur atoms, holding each of their hands.”This is from p. 111 ofMercury Free: the wisdom behind the global consumer movement to ban “silver” dental fillings, by Dr. James Hardy. (Gabriel Rose Press, Glassboro, NJ, 1996) He goes on to speculate that this imposition of mercury between the two sulfur atoms results in the immune system’s identifying the tissue as “foreign” and that this results in the “auto-imune” diseases of Multiple Sclerosis and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

    Vitamin D Defficiency, Calcium Imbalance and Magnesium Deficiency: My blood tests showed that I am very low in Vit D and Magnesium. This is also caused by toxicity. Too much calcium is produced and not absorbed because of the lack of Vitamin D and magnesium. This leads to bone degeneration and Sclerosis (which I will talk about later).

    “Disruption in the balance of calcium…not good news when you consider how often we hear of people being diagnosed with osteoporosis. Another point in this area is that the liver and the kidney are two major organs effected by mercury and compromised in their ability to function under mercury’s influence. Vitamin D, which is produced in the skin, is augmented to the much more active hormone forms first by the liver, then the kidney. If their function has been debilitated, the conversion to the more active Vitamin D forms may not occur as well. These activated forms are essential for proper calcium uptake and utilization, hence another nail in the coffin of calcium balance.”-source

    Allergies - specifically to eggs and milk:

    I was diagnosed with an allergy to eggs and milk last year which I am now reading is common amoung those with mercury posinoning as well as many other food allergies. I started getting allergies and knew I was lactose intolerant about 8 years ago. I never had allergies as a kid to anything. I was told, “well they can develop later in life”, which is true, but not the whole truth for me.

    “There is a direct relationship between frequency of exposure to mercury and frequency of allergic ailments. Heavy metals block the functions of the lymphocytes and macrophages and thus block man’s defensive systems.”- source

    Sclerosis of the spine: When I went to the physical therapist after my horse injury my therapist keep looking at my upper back. Now I know I’ve had scoliosis since very little but nothing serious and she says, you have sclerosis of the spine. I said, what is that? That sounds like something 80 years old get. She said it is. If you’re not careful your spine will fuse together. So she gave me exercises and some stretching to do. What I couldn’t wrap my head around was how this could be happening to a relatively fit, extremely healthy, 34 year old, active woman?? I kind of just put it out of my mind and tried to sit up straighter. But as Dana similarly experienced this has to do with mercury toxicity or “heavy metal poisoning” as shown here in this post by the Mayo Clinic:

    Mercury Toxicity and Hormone Imbalance, Estrogen Dominance, and Pregnancy: My doctor tests all his women for mercury toxicity automatically if they eat fish or have fillings because of the damage even low doses of mercury can do to a developing fetus. Thank goodness for him. If only more doctors were like that! I had this feeling for the past 2 years that something was off that I needed to fix before I had children. It was like this nagging voice in my head. I kept saying it to my friends. I just want to fix it now, I can’t wait! They’d say, what? Fix what? I’d say, I don’t know but I just know whatever it is I have to fix it now. The doctors would say, your hormones are a little low but if you aren’t trying to have a baby, don’t worry about it! I’d say, I don’t know why but something is wrong and I am worried about it. They would roll their eyes. I’m so thankful I listened to that voice that all the doctors told me to ignore. I’m so thankful I pursued this. I love all my doctors and it’s not that any of them are wrong. I just wanted an answer to this question and I wasn’t going to stop until I go it. I’m 34. It will take 1 - 2 years to detox the heavy metals before I can have kids. It will take 3- 6 month for me to get strong enough to begin to detox. That puts me at 36-37. Thank goodness I didn’t wait to figure it out!! Read this article on Hereditary Toxins which states:

    “In 2007, California will launch the nation’s first statewide, voluntary biomonitoring program to measure chemical contaminants in people and find out which pollutants are most common in the state’s residents. The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development next year will also begin a $2.5 billion study to track children’s exposures from birth to age 21, examining which chemicals are building up in the bodies of U.S. children and how they relate to individuals’ susceptibility to different diseases.”

    My advice? Don’t wait for these results. Get tested now. Get your kids tested now.

    “Recently the Environmental Protection Agency said, “ One in every six women of childbearing age has enough mercury in their bloodstream to cause neurological damage to their unborn children. Mercury accumulation levels in females are 2:1 over males. It accumulates in the central nervous system, the endocrine system, and every major organ, as well as the body at large. It disrupts the pituitary, thyroid, hypocampus and adrenal gland. These disruptions help bring on fatigue, mind fog, short term memory loss, concentration problems, and headaches. People can lose their sense of balance. Women can develop early menopause and endodemitriosis from loss of proper hormone regulation.” source

    “A post mortem study showed that mercury from a mother’s amalgam fillings could be absorbed by the fetus across the placenta.” - Food Matters

    “Eighty percent of inhaled elementary mercury vapor is absorbed and can cross the blood-brain barrier or reach the placenta.” - source

    “Dr. Williamson adds that mercury from dental amalgams is often stored in breast milk in much greater concentrations than in the mother’s tissues—and the amount of mercury in breast milk is likewise directly proportional to the number of amalgams the mother has in her mouth. Heavy metal toxicity in general, and mercury toxicity in particular, can have a very damaging effect on fertility. Mercury amalgams in teeth have been associated with a host of female complaints, but especially difficulty conceiving, outright sterility and spontaneous abortions (miscarriages). Likewise, sperm count and motility in males can be greatly lowered.”-source

    It is vital to get this out of my body before I have children.

    Estrogen Dominance: Mercury Toxicity specifically causes Estrogen Dominance. My body basically doesn’t make any progesterone. I am now on natural progesterone cream starting 14 days into my cycle for 14 days to see if this will help balance my body out. Because mercury causes failure of sulfation (sulfur metabolism) by binding to sulfur, estrogen is not broken down like it should be and builds up causing an in excess in your body. This causes estrogen dominance. It also causes adrenal fatigue, as stated earlier, which thus affects hormone regulation.

    Joint pain: Because mercury binds to sulphur this will cause a deficiency in the body and therefore you body can not make cartilage which is primarily made of of glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate. This explains why my knees grind which nobody has been able to explain except to say “you don’t have enough cartilage but we don’t know why”.

    Facial recognition problems: I developed this a little over a year ago. I would see people that I thought looked like a friend of mine or a relative and not be able to tell if it was them or not. I know this sounds like it happens to everyone but this was more intense. I began to not call people by their name in case I was wrong about who they were. I remember being at drinks once with a friend and about 10 feet away sitting in a chair was a gentleman that kind of looked like my brother but for the life of me I couldn’t tell if it was him or not. The person I was with thought I was crazy. He kept saying, how can you not tell if that’s your brother, he’s right there!! This would happen quite often too when seeing acquaintences out and about. I would just have no idea who they were. I’d walk away and go, who is that again? How do I know them? I thought it was just because I was so busy. But the reason it stood out is I’m the type of person who remembers everyone from every meeting. If I saw someone on the street from kindergarten I’d be able to tell you. So it became rather scary. I didn’t tell anyone about this.

    Brain fog, short term memory loss, slurring of speech and mental confusion: I noticed this about 3 years ago. I sometimes feel like my brain is in San Francisco. Barely able to see over the fog. Some days it’s worse than others. It makes concentrating particularly hard and exhausting. I started having more and more trouble getting words out. Mind you I mean ever so slightly. I remember thinking to myself, am I developing a lisp? Can you develop that later in life? This person on a forum says it best:

    “brain fog” (as though too many thoughts are trying to go through at once and they all get jammed up, unable to complete a thought), difficulty speaking, stumbling over words and blending words at a higher rate than normal.”

    Moles (especially on hands, feet and torso): Since I was 15 or so I’ve struggled with moles. I’ve had 8 removed because of suspected cancer. About 4 years ago I started developing them all over my torso.

    Low Blood Pressure: I’ve had this for about 8 years. The doctors always say, oh it’s okay. Some people just have that.

    Blurry vision: Especially upon waking. I just can’t focus. Some days it can take me a half an hour and it’s not because I need glasses. I’ve also begun to lose ever so slightly the peripheral vision in my right eye. I know this because of being a photographer.

    Sinusitis: I’ve suffered from severe sinusitis for years. I would be on antibiotics multiple times a year to clear up horrific infections. Luckily when I went raw they went away. This was always blamed on allergies and an “inexplicable chronic inflammation of the sinus membranes”.

    Insomnia: I can never sleep. This has become a running joke in my family. It’s always a miracle if I do. My dad suggested I see a sleep doctor. I haven’t done so yet and now we know why I have this problem. Mercury toxicity symptoms cause adrenal fatgiue which causes an inability to fall asleep and stay asleep.

    Numbness in the arms and legs: I called the doctor after my trip to Hawaii last thanksgiving to ask why my arms and hands kept falling asleep when I lie down. He said it was nothing and not to worry about it. Probably just leaning on it or something. Numbness and pins and needles is a common symptom.

    Uncertainty, fearfullness and lack of self-confidence, forgetfulness: I will be interested to see how this changes with detox. I have become more fearful. I thought it was because of old age, ha! at 34. One particular instance is with flying. I was never scared. I’ve been to over 30 countries and 75 cities. About 2 years ago I became really fearful of flying. Almost panic mode. I would never have guessed there was a reason. I also have more and more trouble making decision and I am a very decisive person. I used to always be the decision maker. Now I’ll stand in the produce isle and not know what to buy or remember what I need every time I go to market. Scheduling trips and travel just about does me in. There are just too many decisions and I feel incredibly uncertain about all of them.

    Other important connections that I have not had but wanted to shed some important light on are:

    Heavy metals and Alzheimers:Dr Lorscheider examined the effects of mercury in its accumulation sites: the central nervous and immune systems, gastrointestinal tract, renal and reproductive system. In his recent work on the central nervous system he has found similar molecular lesions on brains affected by mercury vapour and on the brains of Alzheimer’s patients examined in post mortems. His most recent and ground breaking work has shown, visually, that mercury vapour inhaled over a 14 day period reduces the efficacy of certain neurochemical processes in the brain (by destroying the nerve growth cones) by 75%. Post mortem examination of Alzheimer’s patients has shown identical neurochemical malfunctions. Moreover a recent study of rats showed that when rat foetuses are subjected to mercury vapour they show a 50% increase in the production of metallothionen (our systems ‘’mop’ for sweeping up heavy metal and similar toxicity); presumably an attempt to protect itself against the mercury vapour.” - Food Matters

    Heavy metals and multiple sclerosis:“Dr Patrick Kingsley described his work with Multiple Sclerosis patients many of whom appear to have mercury concentrations 7.5 times higher than the healthy population. He suggested that mercury may only show up in some tests after chelation therapy has ‘’pulled it out’ from the cells where it has lodged. He suggested that anyone with a neurological condition should check their mercury status. His initial therapy always concentrates of normalising bowel function and adjusting diet. Thereafter he uses zinc, selenium and Vitamin C as chelation tools to detoxify the system of mercury.” - Food Matters

    Mercury and Autism:“Dr Damien Downingexamined the possible relationship between mercury from vaccines, and foetal transmission from maternal amalgam fillings, and autism. In 2003 Gaeir & Gaeir showed that over the last 25 years there was a clear linear correlation between the rise in autism (but not any other condition) and the rise in mercury dose via vaccination. During that period vaccinations had become earlier and more frequent. At 2 months a baby now receives 3 vaccines in one day containing a total of 62.5µg of mercury (Thiomersal used in vaccines contains 47% ethyl mercury and 25% molecular mercury). By 18 months a baby will have received 237µg of mercury - far in excess of the accepted safe level for mercury absorption of 0.1µg per kg of body weight per day. Further studies showed that autistic children had less mercury in their hair suggesting that it was not being excreted but had been retained in the body, possibly in the DNA. A suggestion from the floor was that the increased exposure to mercury (as a result of both vaccination and free dental treatment with amalgam fillings for pregnant mothers) in the first months of life when the baby was not able to make antibodies and when the gut was immature and permeable meant that the more susceptible children were then unable to process the triple MMR vaccine.” - Food Matters

    Other links:

    150 years of the misuse of mercury and dental amalgam

    A good overview of mercury and it’s overall affects of different mechanisms in the body

    Vitamin E, Selenium and mercury toxicity

    Scientists measure mercury from human bones in midevil times

    A great site by author of IT’S ALL IN YOUR HEAD with a long list of other symptoms I haven’t even mentioned like Lupus, Parkinson’s, Endocrine Issues, Depression, Irritability, Anger, etc….

    This is great article about mercury toxicity and it’s affects as well as a long list of where it is found in our everyday life. Some surprising ones were, recycled toilet paper, mascara, preparation H, vaginal gels - specifically contraceptive, air conditioner filters, felts, clairol hair dye, etc…

    This is a great overview called Toxic Metals and Why You Feel Sick.

    Mercury fillings and how they destroy your health


    Adrenal Fatigue Nightmare - one girls story of mercury poisoning.

    Estrogen Dominance Blog

    Joanne’s Long Journey

    Pam’s Story

    I’m not depressed or upset about any of this. I am thrilled to have found the answer. I am thrilled to read the 85%-90% of symptoms go away after proper detox. I have a fabulous doctor and for the first time in my life I have answers. I would love to have everyone who reads this pass this along to family and friends so if anyone else out there is stuck in a medical mystery they may find some light at the end of their journey!

    Stay tuned for Part 2 coming next week on Fish and toxicity as well as the proper way to detox - or so they tell me.

    I am off to my best friends wedding and will be gone all week. I wish you all the happiest week! I will leave you with a quote my dad sent me.

    Expect to have hope rekindled. Expect your prayers to be answered in wondrous ways. The dry seasons in life do not last. The spring rains will come again.”

    -Sarah Ban Breathnach

    Be Well



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    Great information, well organized and documented.  This will help many people to recognize their toxicity and alleviate their symptoms.
    Thank you so much, I'm forwarding this to all my family.
    This is something that is seen a lot with autisitic children.  I have an article that i wrote for Generation Rescue you may find helpful. 
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