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Menu Plan Monday: when things don’t go as planned!

Posted Apr 25 2010 9:14am

I started doing Menu Plan Monday (MPM) again last week in an effort to get myself cooking regularly again… and it worked, for a little bit. I ended up making a few new dishes ( Vietnamese Shrimp Salad , Summer Rolls , and some others that I *will* post this week)… But then I realized that maybe trying to make myself cook when I’m tired and cranky after work isn’t actually the best idea.

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What I also realized is that I can’t decide on Sunday what I’m going to eat on Wednesday or Thursday or even the very next day (Monday). I usually don’t know what I want until 10 seconds before it’s time to eat. Unless I have planned a salad , because I’m always in the mood for a salad .

Last week I made 2 noodle dishes that were really yummy (will post soon). I brought them for lunch, but I don’t like having noodles for lunch. I like having a salad from downstairs, or oatmeal, or some other weird Maggie food that probably smells funny. I should probably stop trying to eat in a way that someone else prescribes and just eat what I want. Duh, Maggie.

Anyhow, I did find a new breakfast favorite. I have been eating eggs cooked in butter again after listening to these podcasts (Dishing Up Nutrition). Along with my eggs I have veggies – cabbage sauteed in some butter is simple and delicious. I tried a few other veggies but none were as good as the cabbage and butter.

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I told my dad he should try eggs with butter for breakfast and he looked at me like I was nuts. But I really do believe that healthy fats are so important and my skin is agreeing with me. So are my energy levels and my mood. (Eggs and butter also help me lose unwanted pounds which might also be contributing to my mood. Heh.)

I won’t be doing an  MPM this week because I can’t stick to it, but I will be eating my usuals – lots of eggs and veggies for breakfast; salads, sushis, oatmeals , and whatever else I want for lunch; and probably salads and veggieful meals like these ones for dinner. I also plan on lots of Whole Foods hot/cold bars for lunches and dinners (which happened a lot this past week).

I had a really great weekend in New Jersey (we got back last night) and I do have a few pictures and adventures to share, but I want to go enjoy the last moments of the weekend so I’m going to save that for later. I have also been walking with my new iPod (built in pedometer) while listening to those podcasts I mentioned earlier, and I still love the step count way more than measuring my walks in miles. I like walking and steps are a great way to measure my walks.

One more thing I want to mention is yoga – I haven’t talked about yoga recently because I haven’t really been doing it, but I have snuck in a few 20-minute yogadownload sessions and they have been great. I want to start doing these a few times a week. Just have to get in the habit of doing them after work or after dinner. I don’t usually do anything at night except sit on the couch.

What are your favorite standard eats?

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