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Menu Monday!

Posted Mar 03 2009 2:51pm

I had great news today from the doctor. My Vitamin D is up to normal levels. My doctor just wrote a book called THE VITAMIN D REVOLUTION by Soram Khalsa that everyone must read. It’s little and easy. The connection between Vitamin D deficiency and cancer is undeniable. He explains how you can get tested through a mail order test kit. Seriously, even if you’re in the sun daily get tested. It will change your life. My protein and particularly albumin was great which thus proves the protein myth. Also my blood looked great, no anemia, etc.

So now for my menu today:

7 am - 1 liter water

8 am - green smoothie (banana, almond milk, spinach, Body Ecology  Vitality Greens, ground sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds, a few spoonfuls of Chia Goodness, hemp seed, pea protein and some ice. I was reading in Brandon Brazier’s book THE THRIVE DIET (a must read) about how combining yellow pea protein and hemp protein gives you a more complete protein. I highly recommend his book for anyone struggling with Adrenal Fatigue. It’s a must. He discusses it in a way that makes so much sense. Few people talk about Adrenal Fatigue and exercise. It’s crucial to understand this!

10 am - basket of strawberries

11 am - herbal tea (my new absolutely favorite kind is Herbascent - available at some Whole Foods. I can’t say enough how much I love this tea. I like their immune formula. It has little flowers and dried herbs. It’s just amazing. It comes with it’s own tea strainer!)

1 pm  - Arugula salad with hemp seed, honey mustard dressing, tomatoes, cucumber and asparagus.

4 pm - leftover green smoothie

7 pm - another salad and a baked sweet potato

9 pm - more tea (I told you it was good!)

I’ll leave you with a picture I just added to my shop:


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