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Menstrual Problems Home Remedies

Posted Feb 27 2010 1:11pm

A woman may experience menstrual problems at any point on her life. Common problems and concerns include excessive menstrual flow, painful cramp, bloating, swollen breasts, irregular flow, fainting spells, blackouts, tension and pre-menstrual syndrome, PMS. It is important to consult a physician if you experience any of these problems. To further aid relief, you can also try some of these traditional home remedies.

  • Include probiotic yogurt in your diet everyday. Probiotic yogurts help keep gut flora stable, which eventually translates to proper biological functioning as well as a healthier you.
  • Parsley is believed to be very effective in treating menstrual problems and cramping. Make a shake combing fresh parsley, carrots and papaya or pineapple. This should help relieve any menstrual tension and problems.
  • Drink fresh ginger tea at the sign of any menstrual problems.
  • Make sure to have a diet rich in both papaya and pineapple. Both papaya and pineapple contain natural enzymes that help with the body’s detox and break down process. Papaya is believed to be extremely effective in regulating menstruation. The consumption of mangos is also recognized as being healthy and improving overall functioning.
  • Boil coriander seeds in water, making a tea. Add honey as desired. This is an old home remedy to treat menstrual problems.

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