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Mens Health TNT Diet The Explosive New Plan to Blast Fat Build Muscle and Get Healthy in 12 Weeks Mens Health

Posted Oct 31 2010 3:54am

Mens Health TNT Diet The Explosive New Plan to Blast Fat Build Muscle and Get Healthy in 12 Weeks Mens Health

The Men’s Health TNT Diet is a revolutionary program for burning fat and building muscle. Utilizing Targeted Nutrition Tactics (TNT), the authors move beyond “good carbs” and “bad carbs” to focus instead on “well-timed carbs” that will allow readers to eat the foods they want as long as they are eating them at the right time.
By controlling the levels of glycogen (carbs stored in our muscles) through this unique diet, and learning to exercise in the carb-burning zone (the secret to making workouts shorter and more effective) anyone can shed fat and build muscle—and it takes only 90 minutes of exercise a week.

5 Stars Works for me!
I rarely write reviews for books. To be quite honest, a lot of “diet” and “lifestyle” books fail because while they may work for a short while, they are almost impossible to maintain in the long term. I approached the TNT book with some skepticism right after reading Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. I have to say – I managed to lose 15 lbs and get down to 10% body fat using this book and almost doing no cardio at all. I love working out but I absolutely detest cardio and was glad to see that I was getting great results in a relatively short period. I love how this book strikes an excellent mix between the austerity of the Atkins diet – with one that includes vegetables and some fruit and gives you a carb “out” on days you workout – almost as a reward! I’ve since fallen off somewhat from this diet because of vacation and travel, but I manage my carbs and have maintained my body composition fairly well, which is something I have not been able to do in the past.

5 Stars Loving this “diet”
This is the first time I’ve ever “dieted”, but it sure doesn’t feel like a traditional diet has always sounded. You can basically eat as much as you want as long as there aren’t any (or very few) carbs. The workouts are quick, yet thorough. I’m only in my 2nd week of the plan, but can feel it working already. Would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking to shed fat and gain muscle. The recipes are an added bonus. The ones I’ve tried are fantastic!

5 Stars great plan and it works
let me first off introduce my back ground a little bit. I used to weigh 230 lbs and 5′5. i started fasting and running and different type of conditioning, and i drop to 138 lbs. then i started to muscle train, and gain about 7 lbs of muscle and with 7% body fat. however, dude to school, i had to give up my work out days to study. so by sept 2009, i weigh 175lbs. after 3 weeks of fasting and conditioning i droped to 168lbs. then that’s when i started going under TNT. I was eating a lot of fatty foods, such as nuts, chicken, beef, steak, pork, and etc. let me just say that the first 4 weeks is the hardest, and as i am speaking of this, i am currently in my 4th week. where i didnt had any carbs. let me jsut say that when i ate cabbage, it tasted sweet. my blood sugar level dropped. and my b/p as well as my heart rate, from 75 to 68. in 4 weeks. and the most amazing thing is that, the work out really tired you out. i used to rep on 265lbs incline. and i can barely follow up with 45lbs dumbell press for 3 reps. I did accidently ate some carbs during my diet. and let me just say, that i was so hyped. and i felt the sugar rushed to my muscle. it was weird. but then i know that it’s been working. right now i weigh about 158. and i am happy because i’m eating all that i like to eat. and work out barely 30 minutes a day 3 times a week. if you are a full time student, employee, or work-a-holic who’s looking for weight loss solutions. try this out.

5 Stars Really works – because it’s practical, no rocket science required!
I was a little skeptical at the beginning, never trusted the so called “Low Carb Diets” trend.

But, with simple language and precise scientific information, the authors convinced me about the foundation of it and I decided to give it a try.

In 5 months, my insulin resistance went away, I dropped 14% of body fat and 30 lbs! And I don’t have to do magic, count calories or carbs, keep a crazy food journal or a notebook with me every time I have a meal to make calculations. Just follow simple rules and guidelines.

If you have tried a lot of things and have failed, give Dr. Volek and Mr. Campbell a chance, it make the difference.

5 Stars TNT Diet Works
If I eat any sugar at all I don’t lose fat. I’ve logged my body fat for years and only lo-carb/ketogenic diets work for me.

I ride my bike to work (20 miles round trip at 160bpm on the heart rate monitor) and do weights 3 – 5 times per week and not eating carbs makes me run down after a few weeks to a about a month.

Recently I started learning about cyclical ketogenic diets and tried that and my bodyfat went from 23% to 15% in 8 weeks after being plateaued for about 1.5 years.

I picked up tricks from here and there at the gym and on the web but wanted more numbers and quantifiable information not just theory and anecdotal advice.

So I bought the TNT diet and must say it is a thing of beauty and it works.

For the first time in my life I’m on track to having a six pack. The key is carb timing and amount.

I feel great and can control my body fat levels predictably and learned a ton that I didn’t know about mixing ketogenic diets with a brutal workout schedule.

Atkins is geared for sedentary type people. The key to working out intensely on a ketogenic diet is knowing when and how much carbs to eat and still burn fat and keep muscle. Eating less doesn’t work me. Timing carbs and controlled amounts of carbs does.

Depending on how insulin resistant you are (hopefully not at all) you don’t need very much sugar to have explosive workouts and cardio but timing and amounts are key.

And this book goes above and beyond the call of duty with practical use of the ketogenic diet to burn the blubber down and keep your muscle.

Thanks Men’s Health for actually helping this man have health.

Highly recommend.

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