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Men’s Health: Vitamin D gives men that youthful “Swag”, boosts Testosterone levels, helps with prostate health

Posted Mar 02 2013 12:16am

One day, two funny things happened after I walked off the basketball court at the health club, after completing my 7 minute warm up routine before my workout, running up and down doing layup drills, practicing sweet moves, you know.

One young brother, had to be "20-ish" asked me was I an NBA player (I'm over 6 foot tall). I told him no, but didn't have the heart to tell him I was 50. Why ruin his perception of me? Seconds later, a lovely lady walks up (can never tell if they are being friendly or hitting on me), she says "You had a little 'SWAG' out there on the basketball court".

Didn't have the heart to tell her my "Swag" is fake, I'm a bookworm/egghead trying to hide behind my athletic side, as most eggheads do growing up to fit in. Anyhoo, I told her I'm sure my youthful "Swag" as she called it came from Vitamin D Supplementation. As always, I'm trying not to conversate too technical and geeky to a pretty girl, but she kept asking more questions. Who am I to deny a pretty girl what she wants?

I explained to her how in some scientific circles, Vitamin D is now recognized as a nutrient that assists in increased Testosterone levels, as well as contributing to prostate health, and overall male vitality, especially as years go on and on. 

She responded "Hmmmmm, 'Swag' and brains too". A little humbled, I gave her  a "boyish" smile……..that wasn't fake :)

Ladies first!!! I wanted to get my "Girl Talk (Women's Wellness)" section of the blog up and running, and now is the time for my "Men's Health" section.

I wanted to follow up on a recent article I wrote on Vitamin D and how CRITICALLY important it is to all aspects of our health and wellness, especially as the years keep churning by.

I am no where near a doctor or scientist, just a logical thinker and perhaps above average researcher, and I am thoroughly convinced that vitamin D levels are linked to Testosterone production in men, which is in turn  [probably] linked to prostate health, including prostate cancer prevention.

I'm not the type of blogger to link to numerous scientific studies, because any of us on the we can go out and find them. It seems like the modern medical establishment is a little "Stone Aged" so far as putting it's effort into thoroughly looking into these possible natural solutions to ailments such as prostate cancer, impotence, low testosterome and all the rest.

So why the medical industry goes back and forth, competing for consumer dollars and sustaining their own agendas, I have to dig into what's best for my own well being, because arguably, doctors can only tell you the results of what you have done to yourself, so far as your own health research, eating habits, and wellness habits are concerned.

Vitamin D can be obtained from the sun, however in northerly climates, especially in the wintertime, getting enough Vitamin D from the sun is not practical. For African Americans, with darker skin, adequate Vitamin D from the sun is nearly impossible, with darker skin acting absorbing less vitamin D from the sun as compared to lighter skin.

It seem obvious to me that issues such as this are part of the puzzle to why African American men are disproportionately vulnerable to prostate cancer than other groups of men in the same climate, same lifestyle, same diet, and so on. It literally kills me how the Scientific and Medical establishments are [with some exceptions] missing this obvious point.

Vitamin D contributes to increased testosterone production. Even those men and women who think very little about this subject would have to see all the TV commercials for  a condition, I guess they have dubbed it "Low T", for "Low Testosterone". And who hasn't seen the sexual dysfunction commercials for Viagra, Cialis and all the rest.

I'm gonna write a detailed article on those drugs soon, but personally, I don't think I will ever need Viagra or any of the other man-made drugs, I think they are unsafe, and by no means address fundamental issues of why men lose their male vitality and virility as time progresses.

In the mean time I'll just say "Trust me, those man made medicines like Viagra ain't necessary"…….

In a related story, I was having a first dinner with a lady up here in Seattle we were talking about…….well uh….let's just say we were talking, and she said of herself "I'm 45 years old, and I'm in my prime. Why is it that women's sex drive often goes up over 40 but a man's goes down? God couldn't have mean't it to be like that could he?"

All I can say brothers, is you don't want to be on the recieving end of that line of questioning (or worse still, over 40 and in a marriage or relationship) and be clueless how the dynamics of male vitality really works, and clueless to how God puts the answers out here in Mother Nature.

Fortunately, as pertains to Vitamin D and testosterone production, there "seems" to be a gradual increase in mainstream acceptance of this fact in the scientific and medical communities. A simple Google on "Vitamin D Testosterone Production" will give you days if not weeks work of reading on this subject matter.

Once again, I'm not a doctor, but it seems obvious that testosterone has to be somehow linked to the male prostate, and its obvious that men lose testosterone as they get older, men get prostate problems as they get older, would not a decrease in testosterone have to be at least loosely correlated to prostate problems in men?

I link to my full article below on what vitamin D is all about and why vitamin D is so important, the ESPN headline version of it all is that many men of all races in the USA are Vitamin D deficient, scientists are now recommending 10,000 IU per day of vitamin D, where people often take in via food,  twenty times less in a day, often less than 500IU per day.

I think a Great Vitamin D3 supplement that I am now using to get my 10,000 IU per day is Garden of Life Vitamin Code Vitamin D3 , and all vegetarian, plant based source of Vitamin D3

So there it is gentleman, it's all an abstract area no doubt, henceforth me writing an intentionally abstract article with no links to scientific studies and such. Anyone wanting to seem more info on this matter can easily find it, I think we have to start depending on our instincts and logic a little more.

The medical and scientific communities are not here to help us so far as what we need to do to take care of ourselves every day. We have to dig in an find that information for ourselves. Nonetheless, I am convinced, for myself, Vitamin D supplemtation is probably one of the top two or three decisions I will ever make for my health.

My full article breaking down vitamin D is linked to below, but I challenge men to take at least 5 minutes out of you lives to take a look into this matter. Every man is responsible for his own health.

~stay healthy~

me and my "Swag" (age 49, 2012) pictured below……..


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