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Melon Lovers

Posted Jul 17 2010 12:00am

Happy weekend everyone! :-D

You probably could guess that I’m a melon lover, right?

But who could’ve known that my little Prince was a melon lover too?!

This morning I had a true feast to eat! I blame it on the fact that I had so little food in the house when I woke up that I decided to do some food shopping before breakfast. Result: One hungry girl at 11:30 who felt like she could’ve eaten half of a Chinese buffet bar. (And an expensive grocery bill… that’s what I get when I go food shopping on an empty stomach!) I let my stomach do the talking while preparing breakfast (which turned out to be more of a brunch) and it went a little wild.

That would be veggie egg mcmuffin sandwich made with two scrambled eggs, a veggie sausage patty, half a slice of swiss cheese, ketchup (of course), and a mulitgrain bagel. On the side, I had an iced hazelnut coffee and sliced watermelon and canary melon. Have you ever heard of canary melon before? I haven’t, but was intrigued when I saw it on sale at the grocery store.

This meal was HUGE and took me an hour and a half to eat! Apparently, I like to give my stomach time to digest… which is a good thing!

I had a melon begger watching me eat the entire time…

So I couldn’t help but let him have a taste!

And my favorite picture….

Feed me more melon, Mama!”

Now that Prince and I have full bellies for the day, it’s time to get some chores done and get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather!

Weekend Soundtrack: Anything Joss Stone…guaranteed to put you in a happy, groovy mood!

What song(s) would your weekend soundtrack have on it? Groove on!


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