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Meet Me in St. Louis (Part Two) + Giveaway Winner!

Posted Jun 02 2009 1:00pm

Happy Tuesday!

I don’t think I have ever been more excited for a day to be over. I don’t mean for that to sound negative, but it’s true! Today I turn in my final accounting project, give my final presentation in my marketing class and have my second to last photojournalism class. Once Tuesday becomes Wednesday, I only have two small assignments left in my college career. Now you see why I’m excited?!

I’m also looking forward to getting back into a regular blogging schedule. I’ve been going through my days thinking, “ooh! I want to tell the blog world about that!” but I knew I needed this time away to get my work done. Thank you all for understanding – not that I expected anything less, but your kindness always amazes me :)

Ok, so this topic is becoming more and more antiquated since the trip was almost two weeks ago, but I’m glad you enjoyed Part One of my St. Louis trip! Here now is our Saturday adventures!

Meet Me in St. Louis: Saturday

I woke up on Saturday morning to the most amazing smelling homemade breakfast! Lisa and her husband really outdid themselves! Lisa was in charge of the broccoli quiche. She baked it in the oven and it came out fluffy and full of flavor from the special type of cheese she used (the name escapes me…sorry!). I forgot to ask her for the recipe, but I will try to get it and update you when I do.


Lisa also put some AmyLu chicken sausages on the griddle. I love AmyLu! These were the apple + gouda, which are tied with the andouille sausage as my top two favorite flavors.


And, last but certainly not least, Lisa’s husband whipped up the most intense batch of waffles I have ever had. (No offense Mom, if you’re reading!) These were whole grain banana-walnut waffles, and they were absolutely bursting with flavor and a nutty “crunch” in every bite.


To make them, Lisa’s husband used the Whole Foods 365 Organic brand whole wheat pancake mix and threw in whole bananas and a handful of walnuts. I am definitely going to have to recreate these!

Breakfast was filling and completely satisfying. Afterward, Lisa and I got ready and headed to a small farmer’s market near her house. They had live music and some fun booths that had fresh strawberries, garden plants and fruit butters. There was also a Great Harvest booth, and we were able to sample some delicious bread! I believe it was called “Breakfast Blast” - it was awesome, whatever the name ;)


After our trip to the farmer’s market, Lisa and I were very girly and went to get manicures. It was the first time I have gotten one since high school, and I forgot how nice it is to have pretty fingers! I chose OPI Done Out in Deco, which was completely unlike anything I’d usually wear. It was a lot of fun.

We visited with my other cousin’s kids for a while, and then it was time for lunch. Lisa told me about a great sushi place she had gone to recently called Sapporo, so that made the decision easy! Once we were there, we decided to get a couple of plates to share.

Our first plate was a smoked salmon-avocado roll with four pieces of nigiri – two with salmon and two with tuna. I am not usually a fan of tuna, but this was great! I enjoyed the nigiri and especially loved the sushi. Honestly, I think I could have sushi for every meal and be a happy camper.


We also got a Philly roll, which was essentially the same as the smoked salmon-avocado roll, but with a small piece of cream cheese thrown into each bite. Finally, we also had my ultimate favorite, the California roll with crab. Just looking at this picture makes me hungry!


After lunch, we headed back to Lisa’s and spent the rest of our afternoon lounging around, looking at photo albums and watching the movie Valkyrie. Eventually, we got prettied up again and went out to a music bar near their house, which is owned by a friend of Lisa’s husband. We listened to music…


And Lisa and I also may have had one or two of these peach martinis


No, those are not both mine!! But I did have two :) They were so good!! We decided we also needed some sustenance with our drinks, and since I had mentioned that I had never tried the infamous St. Louis specialty, toasted ravioli, we decided to order some for the table.


Ah, it was a little slice of heaven ;) I mean, c’mon, it’s breaded RAVIOLI…does it get much better? Seriously though, they tasted a lot like mozzarella sticks, and I am very glad I finally tried them.

After listening to more music and doing some dancing (Lisa’s husband took some very funny videos, but I will spare you!), we headed to our final destination for the evening: Dewey’s Pizza.

This place was great! They have windows looking into the kitchen so you can actually see the chefs tossing the pizza dough, which was so much fun. They also have really great salads, so we decided to order the Candied Walnut and Grape salad to share, which came with a mix of field greens and romaine lettuce, candied walnuts, red grapes and Gorgonzola cheese, tossed with Dewey’s Citrus Basil Vinaigrette. I had roughly 1/3 of what you see in the picture.


I love salads! Especially when they have gorgonzola or bleu cheese on top :) Then it was time to order the pizza. We ordered a big size and definitely could not finish it, but it featured pepperoni, black olives, artichokes, spinach, and cheeeeeese:mrgreen: It was quite the night for pizza + pasta, no?


We left the restaurant feeling stuffed to the gills (at least I did!), but very happy. It was a wonderful day! My cousin really knows how to plan a trip :) We got back to her house and talked for quite a while, then hit the hay for another night of sleep before our big day on Sunday!

And that, my friends, was a long winded “Part Two” recap of my trip! I hope you enjoyed it.


Now the reason most of you probably are reading this post ;) We have a winner of the PB Charm Giveaway! There were 146 entries in all, and using, the winner is…

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-06-02 14:26:17 UTC

After doing the counting, that means that the charm goes to… Joanna!


This is so cute! I love all the nut butters (and PB2) on your blog. Have fun in St. Louis. I go to college there, so I know there are plenty of foodie spots to enjoy!

Congratulations, Joanna! Please send an email to with your address so that I can get the charm to you! And as a bonus, you have also won a jar of Peanut Butter & Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams! I thought it was a fitting addition to the prize package ;)

Don’t forget, you can always order your own charm by visiting Mara’s blog! Thanks so much to her for giving me the opportunity to host this giveaway!


  • My good friend Karla, who I officially met recently, has started her own blog to document her summer internship at a big-time fitness magazine in NYC! Check it out here!
  • I got to meet up with Mara and another foodie friend this weekend! You can read all about it in this post. It included Whole Foods hot bar…yum!
  • Congrats to all of the runners who ran half marathons, marathons and other races this weekend! You know who you are :) You are all such go-getters and it is very inspiring!

My Google Reader has been at “1000+” all week long :( Le sigh! I’m keeping them because I can’t wait until the moment where I am done with my major projects and can spend my time catching up on what’s been happening in the ’sphere! I will “see” you all soon, I promise!

I’m out,


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