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Mediterranean diet wards off allergies: study

Posted by AregM

A Mediterranean-style diet rich in fruits, vegetables and olive oil can help reduce childhood respiratory allergies and asthma, researchers reported on Thursday. Their study of children living on the Greek island of Crete showed that diet may explain why skin allergies are as common as anywhere else, but wheezing and sneezing are more rare. Dr. Paul Cullinan of Britain's Royal Brompton Hospital and National Heart and Lung Institute, and colleagues in Greece and Spain, studied 690 children aged 7 to 18. Children who ate the most fresh fruits and nuts were the least likely to suffer from breathing allergies, and those who ate the most margarine were the most likely to, they found. "Eighty percent of children ate fresh fruit (and 68 percent vegetables) at least twice a day," they wrote in their report, published in the journal Thorax. Grapes, oranges, apples and fresh tomatoes, the main local products in Crete, had no effect on skin allergies but children who ate more of them were less likely to have wheezing or runny noses, the researchers found. ....Continued on;_ylt=Atp.rF6qeOW9jWAKwEW58ra4wREB
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TC Patient Expert

This is great news but lets also consider the typical american diet for kids &  the details regarding food additives and food allergies roles in childhood & adult allergies such as asthma. It can be expected that nutrient rich fresh fruits and vegetables along with pure cold pressed olive oil are beneficial for overall health and subsequently reduction of allergy symptoms. While a diet of highly refined, chemically processed, fried food subjects the body to destructive levels of toxins resulting in immune system shock and response. Here are a couple good links for more info.

Also, look up MSG and MSG symptom complex, especially as it relates to asthmatic symptoms.  Dr. Russell Blaylocks book - "Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills" will be an eye opener for you and everyone who reads it. MSG is found in one form or another in nearly 70 % of all processed, packaged food in the U.S.   I guarantee you that it is not nearly as common on the Greek Isle of Crete where the bulk of their food is raw, pure, unadulterated.  Good to know that about specifically grapes, oranges, apples & tomatoes though. (wonder if they are organic and heirloom varieties of fruits)

Great advice though..steering people toward cleaner diets. Thanks.

The Med diet can be a significant inflammation influencer, as marked by CRP levels in the body. Inflammation is part and parcel of allergy symptoms, and directly interlocked with immune function. 

My past writing on this is here

Good post,  AregM.

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