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Mean Girls: Real Life

Posted Feb 19 2009 4:26pm

Hi kids!

Bible study was GREAT today. The subject was mean girls. Know any? I can definitely think of a few over the years. How do you all deal with girls like that? A quote that Beth Moore said today that really stuck in my head was this:

“Women do not always stand by their SISTERS, but often COMPETE with them.

This leads to the feeling of never measuring up….and of feeling like you are too much but not enough at the same time. Girls, there is just no need. Culture trains us to be such attention seekers and it is just crazy to think that deep down, we feel so threatened by other women. Why? Insecurity. That’s all it really comes down to. We will always be “not pretty enough, not popular enough, not thin enough, not FIT enough, ect” when faced with other women that seem to have it all. Trust me— NO one woman has it all. There’s always something. I promise! We need to learn to break free of the trap our culture has set for us that says we have to be better than the next woman in line. If you constantly attempt to be better or fit the mold of another, you will NEVER be satisfied. If you are faced with a MEAN girl, the best solution is to be as super nice as you possibly can to them (you can battle meanness with KINDNESS) and pray for them.

Whew! I just had to get that off my chest. Beth gets me all fired up sometimes. I can’t help it! Anyways, when I came home I pounded out 20 minutes on the treadmill. I think on Saturday morning I’m going to give the ol’ 5K a dry run on my own, seeing as it will be exactly a week before the real thing. I’m obviously not doing this to win the race….I’m doing it for the free t-shirt (DUH). =) I do want it to feel good when I run though and to feel a sense of accomplishment when I’m done. Oh, and by the way, I am SO SORE from yoga yesterday. I haven’t been this sore in a long time….my triceps, my back, my legs, my BUTT. Everything. I could hardly lift the dough today at work!

For dinner tonight I used a new product that has been waiting in the freezer with my name on it:


Well, it isn’t actually new but its new to me. I love Morningstar farms everything so I thought “why the heck not?” when I pondered over these at Greenwise last week. I heated up 6 little tenders on the stove and stirred them into a cup of prepared Annie’s mac & cheese


And I also roasted some brussels on the side and had a cup of Pacific tomato soup



The addition of the “chicken” tenders to the mac and cheese was….interesting. I think they would be better over a salad like in the picture on the bag though. They weren’t as chewy as I would have hoped and even though they were tasted good, I don’t think I would buy them again. I’ll save my Morningstar money and instead put it towards the AMAZING sausage patties or veggie burgers.

As I packed my breakfast for tomorrow look what I happened to stumble upon in the fruit drawer:



Of course I just had to have one piece for dessert.:) My mom and I have always shared this secret passion for licorce, red swetish fish and mike & ikes. Growing up, I would often find one or the other in the fruit or veggie drawer!

Its off to bed for this cool cat. I have had such a GREAT week of sleep…..I think I have gotten a full 7 1/2 hours every single night so hopefully tonight will be the same. Knock on wood! Tomorrow I work and then in the afternoon I am FINALLY getting to bake cupcakes with Margaret’s six year old daughter, Bella. Stay tuned!

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