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Meal Plans that Work

Posted Jun 11 2011 11:40am

As I’ve tried to get the dinner on the table that is actually in our meal plan, I’ve noticed a few things:

  • I can’t make what’s on the plan, if I don’t have the ingredients. For Example, Thursday, the plan was Portobello Mushroom burgers. Couldn’t find the mushrooms, and didn’t have or didn’t make buns.  Instead we had veggie omelets.
  • I won’t make something I’m not in the mood for.  Whenever something complicated is in my meal plan, I never feel like preparing it.
  • If we get busy, I substitute quick and easy for what was planned.

These things are OK., but at the same time, it means my meal plans need to be both realistic in time, and be for things I normally buy (I don’t often purchase Portobello mushrooms for example, so they aren’t in my fridge to begin with.  Hopefully the meal plan this week will be easy to prepare, realistic as to my time, and use ingredients I don’t have to make special shopping trips for!

Breakfast Lunch Snacks Dinner
Monday Cheerios and Almonds with a banana Grilled vegetable Panini’s Coconut Pineapple pops Sicilian Style Pizza: Olives, Endive, parmesan, fresh tomatoes and mozzarella plus green salad
Tuesday Pumpkin Waffles Greek Pasta, sliced apples and string cheese Mangoes with fruit dip Grilled Teriyaki Turkey Burgers
Wednesday Breakfast Pizza Ranch Style Chicken Pockets (in whole wheat pita rounds) Twigs in  a Blanket Chicken Soup with Spinach and Orzo
Thursday Stuffed Berry French Toast Peanut Butter, Banana and Granola Wraps Cashews and apricots Fettuccine vegetable Toss (green onions, tomatoes, carrots, dried tomatoes, and feta)
Friday Strawberry/ blueberry smoothie (with yogurt) Turkey Subs with marinated peppers Sugar Free Cinnamon Pecans Chicken and Pasta with Pesto Dressing


*For more free weekly meal plans , and the printable version of this one, visit our archives page .

We had a great time hiking yesterday.  My kids are starting to out-hike me.  I kept wanting to turn back, and they kept asking to go forward! (although in my defense I ran 13 miles yesterday BEFORE our hike!!)



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