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Maximum Health in 17 minutes a day!

Posted Jun 24 2009 7:01pm

Have you ever noticed that being “healthy” can feel like a full-time job? Every time you turn
around there’s a new miracle diet or health revelation.

Most of what’s out there is founded on little more than marketing mumbo-jumbo.

How are we supposed to cut through the “fat” to easily transform our health FOR THE LONG TERM and
stop jumping from one fad pill or food to the next?

I think the answer lies in this new video I just received: Transform your health FOR THE LONG TERM!

It’s from renowned best-selling author and mega-nutrition authority David Wolfe who has just
released the FIRST EVER “Total Health Transformation” System.

It’s rooted specifically in centuries of hard, scientific research, cutting through any and all “bull.”

It’s called The LongevityNOW Program.

If you aren’t familiar with David, his clients include Woody Harrelson, Mark Victor Hansen, Tony
Robbins, Angela Bassett, and Steve Jobs.

>>> There’s a reason (several in fact) that this guy is the #1 nutrition and whole-health authority.

>> 1. Because he is the world’s leading expert on nutrition and super foods, with multiple Masters degrees in engineering, law, and nutrition.

>> 2. Most of the other diet and nutrition advisers out there make life stifling and difficult…asking us to give up bread, forbidding sugar (or anything that tastes good), or forcing us to use a hard-to-clean juicer and yada yada yada.

***Here’s the good news***

No more asking you to give up the foods you love.
No more asking you to use a juicer.  David hates cleaning juicers too!

This great new video shows you how to easy it is to add TASTY superfoods into your daily meals to
increase to energy levels and massively boost your immune system EASILY.

Even people who have eaten garbage for 20 + years and suffered lack of energy or low vitality…

They have found David’s advice easy to follow, fun, and TASTY. Finally you can ADD IN healthy
foods and longevity technologies WITHOUT taking anything out!!

Get the details here in this new video: Transform your health FOR THE LONG TERM!

Photo by Pink Sherbet Photography

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