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Maximize Your Exercise Benefits, Eat Low-Carb/No-Sugar Post Workout

Posted Aug 23 2010 11:34am
I thought drinking an antioxidant-rich smoothie after my morning workout was a good thing, but it turns out that the little bit of grape juice I add to the berries, plain kefir and dried, raw greens was sabotaging my body's release of HGH--human growth hormone.

This hormone--which stimulates growth and cell production--declines as we age, resulting in loss of muscle tone, increased fat and a host of symptoms associated with getting older. However, this anti-aging hormone is released naturally during a two-hour window after an intense workout, but its release can be thwarted by consuming sugar or fructose, including fruit juice, during that time period, according to HGH Magazine .

If you are one of those who prefers an energy drink following your workout, think again. Most contain plenty of sugar to stop the HGH release.

In addition to avoiding sugar and fructose after exercising, eating foods low in carbohydrates during that period can enhance your insulin sensitivity, according to a recent study in the Journal of Applied Physiology . This is especially helpful because impaired insulin sensitivity, or insulin resistance, increases your risk of diabetes and early heart disease.

While I still enjoy a healthy smoothie, I just don't drink it after my workout. Holistic doctor, Joseph Mercola , recommends  consuming whey from grass-fed cows. While I would agree, I prefer the incredible, edible egg as my post-workout snack. An organic one with high omega-3s, of course. It's naturally packed with protein and all nine amino acids. Best of all, I get to reap all the health benefits of my workout!
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