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Mastering Leptin Your Guide to Permanent Weight Loss and Optimum Health Third Edition

Posted Oct 11 2010 9:06pm

Mastering Leptin Your Guide to Permanent Weight Loss and Optimum Health Third Edition

First published in 2002, Mastering Leptin is the first and most in-depth book explaining the hormone leptin and its relationship to obesity and difficult weight loss, yo-yo dieting, low energy, heart disease, low thyroid, stress eating, food cravings, and hormonal imbalance. Mastering Leptin cuts through the confusion of countless ways to eat and provides individuals with a workable lifestyle for permanent weight loss. Renowned leptin expert Byron Richards, CCN analyzes over 8,500 leptin-related scientific studies and brings amazing findings to the public in an easy-to-understand format. Learn how to eat in harmony with the fat hormone leptin, reduce food cravings, improve energy, and permanently lose weight.

5 Stars Mastering Leptin
This is a great take charge book that explains hormones and their role in good health. Easy to understand.

5 Stars Chock Full of Info
This book is a revelation, full of great information regarding Leptin and other hormones. The 5 Rules are easy to follow and make total sense. There are chapters devoted to different life stages that make this a great read for anyone.

I have already “tweaked” my diet and added CLA to my daily supplements. I am sleeping better and feel more energy in the morning–all from a few easy changes suggested in this book.

My only complaint is the publisher’s bindery job–the spine of my soft-cover book is SO tight, it’s almost a work-out just holding the pages open!

5 Stars I’ve found something I can live by…
I was so excited about the new information that is shared in this book. I have learned so much how my body works. I recommend this book for anyone who’s been diagnosed with PCOS!!

I own two copies of it, one digital and one paper back. I gave one copy away, and just ordered another copy to replace it. I have elevated it to one of my canonized books that guide me as I discover my wholeness and wellbeing. I believe that everyone knows someone who should read this book and keep a copy for themselves. I think that covers everybody :-)

1 Star Very poorly written
There’s a reason there’s no blurb on the back of this book saying how great it is. This is one of the most poorly written books I’ve ever read. I’ve slogged through a hundred pages trying to get what should take less than five pages to say. There’s a reason that there are professional writers who consult with experts to put their thoughts into print.

Skip buying this book and read the reviews here, you’ll learn all the pertinent information in much less time with a lot less frustration.

This book is very interesting and informative. It came to me in a matter of a few days. Shipping was very fast. Great company and great book.

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