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March Goals in Review

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:28pm

April 1st! Wow, I can’t believe we’re here already. I love it. Summer is right around the corner!

This is going to be wordy so bear with me as I review how my March exercise goals went for the month. Feel free to scroll past it to get to the food though if you so please :)

My goals for the month of March were:

  • Run 100 Miles
  • Alternate every day between 100 crunches, 100 pushups and 100 squats (100 reps throughout the course of the day, not all at once)
  • At least two 30-minute strength training sessions per week

I realised part way through the month that completing all of these goals was not realistic. Trying to up my running miles was my primary focus, and there is no way I would have been able to fit in more running miles as WELL as extra strength training sessions. I just didn’t have the time with school work. So I had to scrap the strength training goal. I was actually pretty sure I wasn’t even going to meet the 100 mile running goal when it was over half way through the month and I wasn’t even half way through the miles.

However… I did it! I ended the month at 104.35 miles!

I also completed the second goal of 100 crunchs/pushups/squats without missing a day! I actually really liked this goal. It didn’t take a lot of time and it gave me the extra push to at least get in some strength training every single day. I think I’m going to try continuing it into April, and maybe even up it a bit. My main point with this goal was to try to gain back a bit of muscle tone that I noticed was disappearing over the winter. I think it was pretty effective, most especially the pushups. I started off doing 20 at a time and now 25 at a time is easy peasy. Well, except when I do each set of 25 back to back with only a quick rest in between. By the end of the third set my arms are kind of collapsing.

Check out the def… It’s a work in progress ;)


My main problems with the month goals:

In concentrating mainly on the running, overall strength training really suffered. I don’t think I did more than 2-3 good, long, full-body strength sessions the entire month, let alone once a week. I hardly ever picked up any weights! And I miss it. Running is great but my muscles want more.

I also rarely did any sprint intervals on the treadmill, concentrating instead mostly on longer runs to try to meet my goal miles. However, I’ve said for a while that distance running isn’t my preferred exercise. I love sprinting on the treadmill! I feel so powerful running all out. And I definitely think that sprints are more effective for me overall than longer runs are.

So this month, I’m not setting any mile goals. It was a fun thing to do for one month and I will track what I do run just to see where I get, but now I’m going to concentrate my energy on more strength training sessions and a balance between longer runs andshorter, more intense sprint intervals. I’m not sure if I want to set any specific goal guidelines yet but I’m going to think about it today and if I do I’ll be sure to mention it.

As for the food:

Yesterday I tried out some overnight oats again. My last attempt was kind of lame but this one redeemed my faith in overnight oats a bit. I soaked almost 1/2 cup of oats in water and a splash of vanilla soy milk overnight, then stirred in banana, flax and vanilla soy protein powder in the morning.

Next time I would add a little less water the night before and a little more protein powder the next morning but overall I’d call this bowl a success. The protein powder makes it all nice and thick. Next time I’m adding it to my cereal a la Erin. Mmmm.


Most of my eats for the day were rushed. I hammered down an apple before running off to class, then had a Chocolate Cherry Jocalat Larabar in class.

This was my first try of this flavour. I’ll admit though that I had higher expectations. It was good but not amazing. Probably one of my least favs so far. Sorry Chocolate Cherry. You’re a good combo but I don’t dig ya in bar form.


When I got home from my classes I was kind of starving. But I had plans for sushi dinner! with my friend so I tried to tame the hunger beast with raw veggies and a hunk of leftover squash. It didn’t work so I ate a bunch more squash. Then I was good to go.


I have sushi pictures but they’re phone pics because I forgot my cam and they’re lame so I’m not going to bother with them. They weren’t that exciting anyway, I promise. I ordered a bento box, which came with miso soup, salad, a small avocado cucumber roll, tempura vegetables and tempura tofu, a tiny bit of seaweed salad and some friend onions and mushrooms or something. It was all delicious. I was pretty full after it. I picked off 90% of the tempura coating on the veggies and blotted them with my napkin because they were a big greasy mess. Still tasty without that greasy crust!

Lots of food, but didn’t hold me over. After I got home I had a hankering for fruit so I loaded up on berries, banana and apple. And perhaps a mouthful of canned Cool Whip… it just had to be done! But I was actually craving chocolate (there’s the sweet tooth again Erin!) so then I had a big mug of the liquidy hot stuff.

That was a lot of words so I’ll end it here on one last note:

Katie’s CCV-in-a-Box Giveaway! Check it out. Now. You know you wanna!

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