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Marathon Training & Weight Gain

Posted Dec 15 2010 2:57pm

If you’re a long-time reader of Carrots ‘N’ Cake, you probably remember my Lose the Dough challenge , where I challenged myself to tone-up for my 30th birthday . So, if you read my Healthiest Decision of the Year on this morning, you might be a little confused since my challenge was all about the number on the scale. Well, my Lose the Dough experience totally changed my thinking about my weight, so let me explain why.

Below are two photos of me from Lose the Dough: “Before” (taken in January) and “After” (taken 5 months later). To me, I look much more fit and toned in the photo on the right. But, when you look at the “numbers” below the photos, I only lost one pound according to the scale.

January- IMG_0001-446x595

January 11, 2010

  • Weight: 132 pounds
  • Body Fat: 22.9%
  • BMI: 22.7
  • Waist: 27 inches
  • Abdomen: 28.25 inches
  • Hips: 37.25 inches

June 17, 2010

  • Weight: 131 pounds
  • Body Fat: 21.2%
  • BMI: 22.2
  • Waist: 25.75 inches
  • Abdomen: 28 inches
  • Hips: 37 inches

After my Lose the Dough challenge, I thought my body looked good and I felt great about myself, but I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed in how little weight I lost (according to the scale). But, when I started to think about how far I’d come in 5 months, especially with regard to my overall strength (i.e. Body Pump), I knew “playing the numbers game” with myself was nuts.

So, after my final check-in for Lose the Dough, I stopped weighing myself. I threw out my scale back when I lived in South Boston, so weighing myself never really crossed my mind… until recently!

In late-October, I wrote about how my body changed since I started marathon training. All of my jeans were much tighter in the thighs, so I knew that I had gained some weight. I wasn’t sure just how much, but my pants were letting me know that it was at least some! I attributed my Quads of Steel to simply gaining muscle, but now I know there’s a lot more going on.

For my Feel Great Weight post this week, I wrote about why I am gaining weight during marathon training . My friend, Rachel , is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, so I picked her brain about what’s happening.

If you’re wondering, I finally weighed myself at the gym about a week ago. The number was up a few pounds, but with the marathon less than a month away, it’s the least of my worries. I’m trying to keep my body healthy (and injury-free) for the big day!

After breakfast, I headed to the gym to peddle away on the bike for 45 minutes. I’m not usually a fan of the bike, but the time flew by today. I barely broke a sweat, but, hey, it’s better than nothing. Plus, I really want/need my foot to heal!

When I returned home, I immediately started making lunch. I munched on a couple of carrots while I prepared it.

_MG_5503 (640x426)

Last night, my mom gave me a bag of sliced eggplant, so I incorporated it into today’s lunch.

I dipped each of the eggplant slices into a bowl of liquid egg whites and then into a bowl of breadcrumbs mixed with Garlic Gold . I placed each piece on a baking sheet and popped it into the oven for 20 minutes on 425*F.

_MG_5495 (640x426)

I dipped the crispy eggplant medallions into hummus. So delish!

_MG_5510 (640x426)

On the side, I had a big salad.

_MG_5506 (640x426)

_MG_5490 (640x426)

After lunch, I satisfied my sweet tooth with a few Salted Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies because they are the greatest thing on earth.

Pug walk and then some Christmas shopping with my hubby! 

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