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Making that lunch hour workout work...without starving.

Posted by Ana R.

The week goes fast enough - the work day slow enough - so confronting the rush-hour gym slam may not be a welcome way to reduce stress. Breaking up the work day with a lunch-hour workout can boost your energy and your mood, not to mention help save your evening hours. But what about eating at lunch? To save time and avoid starving after a workout, prepare a hearty meal the night before. After your fitness venture, you will want to replenish your body with fluids, carbohydrates and proteins. For example, legumes, rice, lean meats and vegetables are easy to keep in stock in the fridge, and can be kept well for lunch the next day. Edamame or garbonzo beans are also great, as they contain both protein and carbohydrates. Fruits and lots of water will help restore fluids and glycogen levels. No need to go hungry while you count those last minutes before the clock hits five!
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I had to comment on this because I always wondered how you people - meaning, lunch worker-outers - did it. To me, taking that precious time to get all sweaty mid-day smacks too much of gym class as a kid - they always put me in gym class that was like, 2nd hour, so I had to go the rest of the day smelly and sweaty. However, there are some women (even back then) that have that magical gene that makes it possible for them to not end up red-faced, sweaty and stinky and I say, hat's off! I also spent a lot of time wondering how people who worked out on their lunch hour had time to eat - and hoped that if they were working out, they were eating. And now you have solved the puzzle for me. You people somehow manage to work-out, eat and make it back without taking an extended lunch. I am comfortable with the fact that this will never be me. But instead of staring in awe from my cubicle, please accept this post as a sincere, "Nice work."
Thanks C.L.R.! I appreciate the encouragement. However, I too am one of those people who stand in awe of the lunch workout warriors. This post was inspired by a previous co-worker who could do it...and did it everyday! But from my own experience with exercise and nutrition, I know that many people struggle to make both lunch and exercise happen within the same period. So this post was also a 'hats off' to those people and a little advice on how to maximize the efforts.
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