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Making Sense of the Food You Eat- Paul J. Rosen

Posted Aug 03 2010 11:59am
Paul J. Rosen, a Portland and Vancouver acupuncturist, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts & Sciences degree in Chemistry (major), Mathematics and Philosophy (minors), from Western Michigan University. He also holds a Doctorate of Jurisprudence from Indiana University School of Law at Bloomington. Mr. Rosen subsequently achieved a Master's of Traditional Oriental Medicine from Emperors College in Santa Monica, California, where he graduated with honors. Oriental Medicine includes the disciplines of acupuncture, herbal medicine, tui na (massage), dietary and nutritional therapy among others. Mr. Rosen continued his education in acupuncture and herbal medicine by earning a postgraduate Certificate of Achievement in Shanghai, China. He later completed more advanced acupuncture training in Stans, Switzerland. As a licensed Portland and Vancouver Acupuncturist he has continued postgraduate education in many areas of natural medicine including diet, nutrition and health improvement program design. Most recently he graduated from the leading-edge nutritional program as a master clinician of Nutrition Response Testing.Paul Rosen wants people to understand the irony of the fact that Americans are the best fed, but most undernourished population on the planet. “It’s not about obesity, because everyone knows we’re the most obese nation on the planet,” said Rosen, author of The Great Health Heist ( “If it was just about people being fat, it wouldn’t matter, but it’s not. Nutrition is not about how much you weigh, but your overall health, and in this nation, we eat garbage daily.” Rosen’s thesis is that the processed foods and food substitutes, both commercial and organic -- cannot sustain health. “Concentrated sweeteners like sugar, high fructose corn and agave syrups cannot be consumed at all without undermining your health,” he added. “Our body is constantly under attack by foods that harm our systems, many of which we can barely even digest properly. And when we get sick, we turn to the healthcare industry that thinks prescription drugs are the answer to all that ails us. Poor nutrition causes chronic ill health and we need to start thinking of methods outside the traditional nutritional and healthcare paradigms if we are going to arrest the pattern before irreversible damage can be done. There are five things we need to understand before that happens.”
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