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Making Informed Decisions

Posted Apr 26 2013 10:02pm

Making Informed Decisions
After speaking to a dear patient and more importantly friend, I felt the need to share these thoughts with you.  Now, understand that this is solely my opinion.

First, I believe that when it comes to your health and your family’s health that you are ultimately the one responsible.  It’s great to visit your family physician, but again YOU are ultimately responsible to follow recommendations.  The doctor will not be with you every minute of the day to take notes and determine if you are following, ‘said recommendations’.

I know this first hand because we will recommend to our patients certain exercise regimens and dietary recommendations and we also know when they are not following the recommendations.  Who is at fault? No one else, but the individual and that is part of personal accountability.

Second, I also do not understand with the resources available to you, why you would not question certain tests or recommendations that are stressed upon you.  This is part of being informed and therefore making an informed decision.  You must be informed before making decisions that can affect your life or those close to you. 

Why would you just follow the doctor’s orders or the nurse’s orders without asking questions? 

As a doctor, I actually expect the individual to ask me questions.  It is my job to inform the individual and then and only then can they possibly make an informed decision.

The same goes for pregnancies, vaccinations, diet, terminal illnesses and something as simple as the common cold.  In this day in age where you have an abundance of resources available to you 24 hours a day, why aren’t you using them?

My point is this: Please take control of your life and make an informed decision.  It is your right, your constitutional right and your right to ask questions.  There is no harm in asking questions, this is what is expected and a way for you to learn about what may or may not be a problem.

If you are unable to research or ask questions, then you should look for someone that can.  There are people available to be your advocate.  Most importantly, it is your right and responsibility to make an informed decision.  Don’t you agree? 

Share your thoughts.  Again this is my opinion and as a doctor, I expect patients to ask me questions.  I may not always know all the answers, but honestly who does? However, it is my responsibility to research and find an answer for them.  



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