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Making Friends With Fruit

Posted by C.L. R.

One of the best ways I've found to incorporate more fruit in my diet is on my struggle to give up sugar. One of the best sources of natural sugar is, of course, fresh fruit. So, when I was completely off the sugar, I would eat a piece of fruit every time I felt like I'd hit a sugar lull and wanted a candy bar or something. But for those of you who never eat fruit - here are some great ways to get started. 1. Don't be bland. An apple a day is pretty boring. Consider slicing your apple and dressing it up with peanut butter, almond butter or even (not so good for you, but if you're a real fruit rookie) caramel sauce. 2. Go back to comfort foods. Remember those tasty mandarin oranges you had as a kid? Well, guess what? They exist when you're an adult, too. However, only buy the ones in water, otherwise you're defeating the purpose. 3. Freeze it! Remember frozen bananas? If not, you are missing out - especially during the summer! Put a peeled banana in your freezer, let it sit for a day. With a dash of chocolate sauce, you've got a delicious treat. 4. Tough love. Buy some fresh raspberries or frozen blueberries and toss them on your cereal in the morning. Maybe you're a fruit hater, but if you force yourself to get one of those servings out of the way right away, you may start to even like it. 5. Go exotic. Don't forget that fun things like pineapple, mango and pomegranite fall under the category of fruit. Treat yourself to one of these delights. See? Fruit can be fun!
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Processed sugar is a bad form of natural sugar. If you eat more fruit, your body will be getting the sugar it needs and will crave it less.
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