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Make Your Valentine's Day Sweeter & More Romantic By Offering Heartfelt Gifts (Article)

Posted Oct 02 2008 3:13pm

Hope you enjoy the following article that I wrote, which is appearing on various websites.

Make Your Valentine's Day Sweeter & More Romantic By Offering Heartfelt Gifts
By Connie Bennett, C.H.H.C.

Every Valentine's Day, I’m saddened, because men all across America are unknowingly putting their honeys into sugar shock by lavishing them with super-sweet chocolate candies, placed, of course, in beautiful, red, heart-shaped boxes.

Of course, that gesture is intentioned and intended to show these significant others that they're cherished, adored and beloved.

But this annual sugary ritual is one that sends women into diet frustration, chocolate fixation and agonized moments on the scale. Not only that, but chocolate and other candies could harm their chance for romance that evening.

Each year, I hear from many of these agonized, sugar-addicted women, who fear and despair that this innocent candy gift may trigger binging, falling off their diet, weight gain, mood swings, depression and even a decrease in libido.

Men, let me clue you in on something: For most of us females, a calorie-packed, sugar-filled chocolate is not the easy, fast way into our hearts and bedrooms.

Guys, I know you mean well, but in this day and age of obesity run rampant and type 2 diabetes soaring, it's just not politically correct or considerate to give sweet chocolate on Valentine's Day—despite the fact that candy companies invest heavily in advertising to convince you otherwise.

But, rest assured, men, you can still show your love in other creative, more healthful, heartfelt ways. Here are 7 gift ideas that women across America submitted to my Sweeter Gift Challenge survey at Unlike rich chocolate, these Valentine's Day presents won't send your sweetie into either sugar shock or dieting dismay:

1. Write your sweetheart personal poem and frame it. Then be loving by spending quality time with her—and not just on Valentine's Day.

2. Go for the old standby—give her a dozen red roses. Flowers are always a better choice—and much more appreciated—than candy.

3. Pamper your lady by running her a bubble bath and giving her a luxurious, lengthy massage with wonderfully scented oils.

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