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Make Your Dreams Come True in 6 Weeks (Or Less) in Virtual Vision Board Bootcamp

Posted Jun 16 2010 3:47pm

Vision Board & Joyce You can make your dreams come true in six weeks or less, insists Joyce Schwarz, author the bestselling book, The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life .

To help you make that happen, Joyce -- a Hollywood career and new business strategist -- is offering a six-week Virtual Vision Board Bootcamp . (It begins June 21, 2010 -- the first day of summer -- and continues for six weeks with weekly teleconferences and small group coaching.)

In this Virtual Vision Board Bootcamp , you will learn:

  • Secrets and strategies to make your dreams come true
  • Amazing tales about how one person found a piano for the kids to play for free, how someone started a nonprofit woodworking workshop without spending a dime, how another vision board success story gets free massages weekly

Plus, in this Virtual Vision Board Bootcamp , you get numerous bonuses, including:

  • A downloadable Dream & Vision Survival Guide (99 pages)
  • A downloadable 15-page list of 150 ways (and links) to find free music and pictures on the Internet legally. You'll also learn how use these images to change your mind and your life.
  • Free giveaways every day of the week -- more than $20,000 in free gifts to winners of daily drawings (and you won't get just ebooks)
  • More than $5,000 in free coupons for discounts on vacations, courses, retreats, spas and more
  • A never-before published 20-page guide to making your dreams come true with little or no cash
  • Information about proven ways real people have received a piano for their kids to play for FREE, started nonprofit woodworking workshop without spending a dime, get free massages weekly and more

Virtual Vision Board Bootcamp inspiring speakers and experts will include:

Sign up now for this exciting program --

Teleclasses will take place Mondays and bonus group coaching are on Wednesdays, both at 12 noon PST or 3pm EST. You can listen to audios on your computer or download them to play in your car heading for the beach or wherever and whenever you like.

Please note: I am an affiliate of this program, which means that if you get something, I will receive compensation, which will enable me to continue bringing you quality information and programs. I signed up as an affiliate because I believe in this exciting Virtual Vision Board Bootcamp and I urge you to join now to make your dreams come true.

While you're waiting for this program to begin, here are three tips from Joyce to get you going if you don't know what you want now.

1) Start with gratitude. (In Joyce's book, she discusses a "GRABS" formula, which begins with Gratitude and then leads to sharing which starts the cycle of creation over and over.

2) Begin, she says, by making a list of 7 things for which you are grateful. Even if you're caught up in some family crisis, just take 10 minutes, Joyce urges. "Believe me, it will only take 10 minutes -- promise," she says. And, she adds, "don't overthink it -- be grateful for all of the good things in your life."ads to sharing which starts the cycle of creation over and over.

She adds that if you feel "nothing's good right now, then be grateful that you're alive, that you have your health, that you have food in the cupboard, that the sun came up this morning and will set tonight, that there is a moon in the sky, that you can write, that you have two hands, etc." 

3) Fill out your GRATEFUL LIST

1._______________ 2______________ 3______________ 4___________

5____________ 6_________________7 ____________________

"By being grateful, you'll find that you'll automatically switch over to a new state of mind -- just like clicking a remote control," Joyce says. "Once your state of gratitude, you can begin to RELEASE some of your past expectations and hurts or regrets for 2009 or before or for the first part of 2010. Be ready to RECEIVE immediately!"

This gratitude exercise, she says, gives them a new outlook that provides insight into opportunities for today and tomorrow. "You can latch on to your inner creative power IF you are true to yourself and let go of the past," Joyce notes. "Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. `Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes,'" Carl Jung wrote. 

Sign up now for Joyce's upcoming Virtual Vision Board Bootcamp --

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