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Make your bum happy starting today...

Posted Jan 11 2010 6:36am

couresty Manganite

We all have a few goals in life; if you're like me you have tons of goals and you have to pick what you're going to focus on and get it done. Because if you try to get 18 things done at once it's quite likely you'll get absolutely nothing done. My goal this year is to finally start blogging about real health. Not the I'm a size 0, pretend health which has you looking slightly like a bird and very likely having the temperament of a grizzly bear, after three months of winter starvation. No real health isn't plastic, dyed, squished or frankly small. Real health is about supple, glowing skin, shiny hair, and a great sex drive. Oh, and one of the best measurements of health (besides a healthy sex drive and glowing skin) happens to be your bowel. As in you're having a good fluffy big bowel movement at least once a day.

I've heard it before, going pooh isn't sexy. Well I've got news for you, constipation is way less sexy. If it ain't coming out, then it's stuck in you, and that is not only, not healthy, but over the long term, slightly gross.

Hey we've all had days when we get backed up, but did you know that over 4 million people in the states seek medical help for constipation? And those are the ones that aren't too embarrassed to talk about it.

So this blog is going to be all about good, sexy health and taking the ick out of potty talk. But the focus will be on making your bowel happy, and by doing that we will make the entire body healthy. Step by step, little by little, we'll make the changes to get your skin glowing, and your body revving!

Each week I will blog about 1 or 2  Ass Backwards Health Habits and we'll get things moving.

This week it's back to the basics with  one habit  that is vital to your bowel success but also will take a  commitment to change. We have to begin conquering this one before we can deal with next week's king of the bowel subject: Fiber - how much, what forms, when and all that fun stuff.

Habit 1: Drink Water:

I know you've heard it before. I know you don't like the taste of water. No coffee is not a replacement for water, and no you are not the one human who doesn't need to drink water. We all need to drink water. Some more, some less. The more active you are, the hotter the climate, the more water you need. I have seen Britney Spears, Jay Z, Halle Berry and many other celebrities with bottles of water. So let's just call water cool and trendy. Hot, sexy, healthy people drink water. Let's make drinking water cool...

Here's the deal, if you want to feel and look better this is the most basic step and it's easy.  Drink a minimum of 6-8 glasses a day, or roughly 1.5 litres.
For more tips on healthy living and eating, visit my blog.
Have a great day!  
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