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Make breakfast count! Egg sandwich with veggies.

Posted Mar 09 2012 1:39pm

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  It literally does what is says…breaks your fast after a night of good sleep.  You need to wake up your metabolism and get your blood sugar stabilized each morning, and the best way to do that is drink a large glass of fresh clean water and eat a breakfast that contains protein, carbohydrates (preferably complex CHO with a significant amount of fiber) and a small amount of fat.image


Here’s a pretty quick and healthy breakfast idea if you have a busy day or heavy workout ahead of you.
One whole bagel (I had an Einstein bros onion bagel on hand)
Two egg whites cooked in a non-stick skillet
Tomato slices
Spinach leaves
Reduced fat cheddar cheese slice-1oz.

Filling, good source of protein, low fat, and a half a vegetable serving…all for around 350 calories.  Add a half a grapefruit for additional vitamin C and one fruit serving!
Bon appetit!

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