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Madonna's Husband & Film Director Guy Ritchie Says "Sugar Kills"

Posted Oct 02 2008 3:12pm

The gossip mongers have been blasting film director Guy Ritchie, Madonna's husband for his alleged remarks (and "bizarre rant," according to the Mirror), during which he claimed that sugar sends more people to their grave than crack cocaine.

“Sugar kills,” Ritchie allegedly fumed during a recently promotional event for his new film "RocknRolla."

Ritchie reportedly said:

“Think of the calories in sugar. Fat kills more people than anything else. Sugar is responsible for a lot of deaths, arguably more than crack cocaine."

Look, I don't usually put it so bluntly, but as you can learn in my book SUGAR SHOCK!, sugar (when over consumed -- which is what most people do) can definitely send you early to your death.

What's more, sugar can lead to heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, weight gain, polycystic ovary syndrome and many more ailments, which can then kill you.

So can sugar kill you? Well, yes, actually, it can.

In fact, come to think of it, with sugar leading to such deadly diseases, perhaps it does kill more people than crack cocaine. (I'd need to check my facts.)

Unfortunately, though, Ritchie may have some facts wrong, even if he is onto a compelling, if not partially right idea.

As for the fat part of Ritchie's comment, that rings me as wrong -- sugar, I believe, can be more deadly than fat.

Given my journalism training, I I think it's only fair to the guy to discuss the context of Ritchie's remarks -- he was, after all, promoting his new film.

You see, the poor guys' movie, "RocknRolla," got lost in all the media's horror about his sort-of accurate sugar comments.

The press coverage I've seen even neglected to cite the intriguing trailer here for Ritchie's new movie, which he directed and wrote.

So I invite you to learn about the film, which starsGerard Butler,Jeremy Piven,Jamie Campbell Bower,Thandie Newton and  Idris Elba.

Oh, you've got to read this amusing, if not misguided take on Ritchie's rather outrageous sugar comments.

Now, how do I get my book SUGAR SHOCK! into Guy Ritchie's hands?

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