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Lynn - Best. Take Out. Ever.

Posted Oct 13 2009 10:06pm

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! The rest of my Sunday was quite tremendous. We hit the farmers market at closing time for some discount fruit, and scooped up some pink roses to bring to lunch:

Our cousins Amy and Paul were hosting a welcome to our cousin Ashley, who just moved to Los Angeles. They got take-out from Mozza:

Mozza is the love child of culinary geniuses Mario Batali, Nancy Silverton, and Joseph Bastianich. Abe and I have actually eaten in the restaurant, but it was a bit of a reservation nightmare. Perhaps it's easier now (that was back when they first opened) but they have since started a Delivery/To-Go service, so why deal with that hassle when you can eat their amazing food in your pj's in front of the TV?

Or, plated beautifully and enjoyed with loved ones in chic style, as Amy and Paul demonstrated:

White beans all toscana bruschetta....

Eggplant caponanta....

Farro, cucumbers, tomatoes and feta....

A trio of olives (from the Farmer's Market, not Mozza).

Here are the pizzas before they were reheated in the oven on a pizza stone. From top to bottom: Tomato, EVOO, and Oregano; Margherita with mozzarella, tomato, and basil; and a pizza off the special menu - Artichoke pizza with Stracchino, olives and lemon.

My first plate of sides:

And second, with a piece of Margherita -

Plus a slice of the Artichoke. The lemon really made this SING!

For dessert was Mozza's Butterscotch Budino (w/ salted caramel sauce and whipped cream)...

...situated in these gorgeous martini glasses:

I actually found the recipe for these babies online, in case you wanted to try heaven on a spoon for yourself.

Ashley brought these cookies from Stolichnaya Bakery - all this for $6.99:

I had half of one with my Budino.

Words cannot describe what an enjoyable eating experience this all was. So I'll just let Teddy sum it up:

I floated home on a foodie cloud. We took Julius for another walk, and I did some blog reading while Abe watched two baseball games simultaneously.

Sipping on half a can of Orange Zevia... ( Zevia giveaway ends Friday)

For dinner I made a salad using Trader Joe's frozen Hodgepodge mix, nuked and tossed with organic baby spinach, Galeos Wasabi Ginger dressing, chopped dill pickles, and slices of Applegate Farms Organic Roast Beef.

Plus some grapes, supplements, and a Mango Tango Yummy Earth lollipop.

Before I hit the hay I munched on an organic plum from the farmer's market.

Thanks for a wonderful Sunday, Amy and Paul!

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