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Lyme Disease: Think It's Limited to the Northeast? Not So! You Can Get It All Over the U.S. and Overseas

Posted Oct 02 2008 3:12pm

Clearly, I have Lyme disease on the brain lately, as you've read here.

I'm determined to spread information about this fast-growing infectious disease. That's why I'm posting informational items here. That's why I'm holding my Gab With The Gurus Radio Show featuring lots of experts. (Remember, you can listen live Tuesday at 3 pm Eastern or later, at your convenience.)

Anyhow, you may be thinking that Lyme disease doesn't reach your neck of the woods. If you think it skips your state or even country, then it's time to reassess. The website for the Columbia University Lyme Disease Research Center notes:

"The states in closest proximity to Columbia University (New York State, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut) have reported the most cases of Lyme disease to the CDC. Lyme disease is not limited however to the Northeast."

What's more, the research center points out:

"It has been reported across the United States, with areas of heavy intensity in the upper Midwest and the Pacific Coastal states, and in many countries throughout the world.

"In addition to well-documented Lyme disease, Lyme-like diseases have been reported in the Southern States (Master's Disease or STARI) as well. In some highly endemic areas, as many as one in four households have had a member affected by Lyme disease.

"Although Lyme disease responds well when diagnosed and treated early, patients unfortunately do not always see the tick bite or rash. [That's exactly what happened to me, as I revealed recently. I didn't have a telltale, bull's eye rash or clue.]

"These patients [who don't see a bite] are at risk of developing a chronic form of Lyme disease, which may affect the joints, the heart, and/or the central or peripheral nervous system."

Please learn more about this easy-to-get insiduous disease, so that you can either heal from it or never get it in the first place.

I wouldn't will this disease on my worst enemy -- and I don't even have one.

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