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Lyme Disease Can Rip Apart People's Lives

Posted Dec 18 2008 7:32pm

Tick As readers of this blog know, back in the summer, I got Lyme disease, which, thankfully, was caught early -- apparently, about two weeks after I was bitten by a tick I never saw. Anyhow, my cousin sent me this intriguing story in the San Francisco Chronicle, which ran before two meetings held recently in San Francisco.

One of the groups convening was the international Lyme Disease Association, whose president, Pat Smith, was one of the eloquent guests, who appeared a couple of months ago on my Gab With the Gurus Radio Show  about Lyme disease.

In addition, cutting edge physicians gathered at another conference presented by the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society. In fact, heading one of the panels was Steven Bock, M.D., who also appeared on my radio show about Lyme disease.

Hurrah to the doctors, who are educating themselves more about this insidious disease.

Now it' s up to all of us to educate ourselves, too, and to be careful every time we go outdoors. I invite you to listen to my radio show now.

By the way, thanks to the many readers, who' ve been inquiring about my health. I' m like a different person these days, because I feel soooo much better. My headaches are gone. Fatigue has dissipated. The brain fog is on the way out. Basically, I' m feeling quite hopeful and I expect to be back to normal shortly.  

I' m one of the lucky ones. Not so with thousands of others, as you can learn in this San Francisco Chronicle piece.

Read about my recent incident in the doctor' s office, where I found this poignant personal essay from Tula Karras in Self magazine.

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