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Luka, thanks.

Posted Oct 12 2013 11:23pm

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Thanksgiving is the perfect time to remember all that I’ve been given in the past year and be grateful for what I have.


The list of “I appreciate…” can go on and on forever, but this year I want to highlight Luka.


I’ve always said I wanted a pet, and thanks to having J in my life, his puppy is now my puppy!


Luka has brought so much joy to my life in the last year and I just want to write them down before I lose appreciation for these little details.


Luka is a goofball. He goes nuts (whines and jumps up and down) when I eat cheese, or peanut butter or essentially any cooked human food. He knows better now that getting hyperactive goes him nothing, but rather it is better to sit properly and look at me with his puppy eyes so that I will eventually yield and give him a taste of what I am having (only if it is appropriate!).


Luka has grownnnnn in size. He used to fit in J’s lap when he was a tiny puppy but now being just over 2 years old, he is a whooping 60lb dog that I can barely hold up using two hands and with all my body strength. However, I can nicely cuddle with him on the couch, and he’s just the perfect size in which I can comfortably put my head against his and curl my legs just around his body.


He’s a furry guy. Literally shedding his hair with each step he takes, and marking everything and everyone with his short golden hair. But, he is nice and warm in the winter time and is my preferred foot warmer and bed warmer for the chilly months up ahead!


He’s a tad clingy too. He whines quietly behind the door when J and I go out and then gets super excited when we come home. When I take a nap, he follows and nuzzles right next to me. When I’m on the couch, he also manages to squeeze in and creates his own spot by my side. When I’m on the computer, he sits close by and just observes me with his big round curious eyes. Clingy but adorable.


He’s also great company when it is sunny out. He gives me a reason to lace up my runners and go for a jog or a brisk walk on the Seawall to soak in all the beauty that Vancouver has to offer.


He hikes with me too! On days when I want to go up to the mountains but without anyone else, he’s my go-to person to make the hike more memorable.


He loves a good tummy rub, and when I pat his head and grabs his scruff, he smiles and just looks so happy!


He is a little on the chubby side. He makes me laugh every time he turns his neck and the fat rolls above his collar gets highlighted. And when he lays on the ground, he looks unflattering, but still that makes me want to hug and kiss him.


He loves my purple cushion. Somehow there is something inside that keeps him so intrigued. He can sniff and attempt to chew through it for a good portion of the day. Occasionally I would distract him with something else, but he always always always finds his way back to the pillow and continue his adventure.


He has the perky ears that I’ve seen. They are also very expressive. Whenever J says “bath time”, the ears just droops down and his expression goes from “I’m so happy to be here with you” to “I don’t like bathes, don’t take me to a bath, I’m scared of bathes…”.


He knows a good amount of tricks, but can’t seem to quite master fetch yet…


He lovesss treats. He’s got a whole selection of doggie treats and bones. Plus, he gets small bites from me whenever I have cheese, carrots, apples, bell peppers. He also loves the homemade squash & peanut butter cubes that I made especially for him.


There is so much I can say about Luka, but in the end, it all boils down to one line: he melts my heart and I am so fortunate to have him as part of my life.


Luka, love you buddy!


P.S. this post doesn’t quite fall under healthy eating nor does it remoted fall under any nutrition-related topic, but it’s Thanksgiving so why not use this opportunity share the little joys in my life that makes it that much more wonderful?


What are you grateful for?




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