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Lower Back Problems? Try These Core Exercises

Posted Oct 21 2008 12:20am

Starting in my early 20’s I suffered from back pain for years. My back pain liked to move around from my upper neck where I would have a pinched nerve at least once a year, to my lower back with sciatica that would resonate down to my toes.

Back pain sucks. I got caught in a cycle of seeing a Chiropractor as often as three times per week. He would manipulate my spine, use electrical muscle stimulation, heat and ice, none of which helped to relieve the pain.

As it turned out, my Chiropractor decided to relocate far, far away. I’ll never forget the day he told me this news as a wave a sheer panic took over. What would I do without my trusted Chiropractor?

I asked this question relentlessly, to anyone who would listen. It was during this time that a co-worker introduced me to a book entitled Healing Back Pain: The Mind Body Connection by Dr. John Sarno. This book changed my life and since reading it I have purchased additional copies to offer to other folks who tell me they suffer from back problems. The book is really that good.

While it has been years since I’ve suffered from back pain, I never take these pain free days for granted.

Craig Ballantyne, the founder of Turbulence Training, has an excellent video that demonstrates three core exercises for the back – the plank, side plank and bird dog. I do these exercises 3 – 4 times per week to ensure that my core remains strong.

Even if you’re not a back pain sufferer, give these core exercises a try!

Stay strong.



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