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Low Carb Group Dessert Options? Help!

Posted Sep 12 2008 4:33am

My new client loves loves loves the copy I sent him, and I am thrilled! So, I am taking this afternoon off to get some little errands done. Library books (overdue) need returning, cat food needs buying, and I gotta take the bus up to Costco and buy some total crap.My sister is engaged to a fantastic man - father of 2 amazing kids I am ecstatic to call my niece/nephew...I am sooo in love with them - and his parents are throwing a big engagement party this Saturday. They live in a rural area, lots of open space and water, outdoor hot tub (!!!), so they are having a pig roast. How over the moon am I? TOTALLY. I can't imagine a better way to spend an evening than hot tubbing, drinking too much wine, and hacking off and eating chunks of spit-roasted pig. Somebody call Dionysus, we's havin' a par-tay.

I have to bring dessert for 60+ guests. That's my job. As much as I would like to bring healthy, low-carb fare, it just aint possible. I don't have much money to spend on this. So I am hitting Costco for some garbagey stuff, like enormous cookies and brownie bites and whatnot. I won't be eating any of it. Even if I wanted to, I can't bc it's all wheat. I may bring a tray of fruit as well, in case I want something sweet, but with an entire PIG to eat from, who cares??? Have your cake. I'll take another slice of butt, please.

Other than spending the next few days baking my shrinking/firmed-up ass off, there really aren't a lot of options for premade lowcarb desserts. Not when you're feeding a whole whack of people, anyway. And gluten-free? Fugghedaboudit, unless my landlord doesn't mind me being late with the rent next month.If anyone has some brilliant ideas, I'd love to hear them! How can you keep dessert lowcarb when feeding a big honkin' group? Other than, like, meat tarts or something.

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