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Low Carb Diet Tips – Reasons to Avoid Sugar Addiction

Posted Mar 20 2011 2:30pm
When discussing low carb diet tips it is important to look at the problems associated with sugar addictions. Most people don't realize how sugar speeds up aging, causing premature wrinkles, gray hair, and chronic health challenges. When sugar is consumed regularly, the pancreas can become over stimulated and produce excess insulin. An overabundance of insulin can cause normal blood sugar levels to diminish, and hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, may develop. The results of hypoglycemia are low energy, increased heart rate, headaches, tremors, memory failure and depression. These may sound like diseases of the elderly, but more and more young people are experiencing these characteristics. If you notice any of these symptoms, think about how a sugar addiction may play a role. Additionally, it is smart to follow low carb diet tips that promote the avoidance of sugar.

To begin with, a sugar addiction stifles the immune system. As far as low carb diet tips go, this is probably the most important reason to avoid sugar. A study at Loma Linda University measured the effects of sugar on phagocytes, the white blood cells of the immune system that eat up bad bacteria and foreign invaders. Basically, the more bacteria vanquished by the phagocytes, the stronger the immune system, and the better the whole body. One of the Loma Linda studies showed that sugar caused the phagocytic index to drop dramatically, which had a negative effect on the amount of waste that could be removed by the immune system.

This is just a short list of the many ways that sugar interrupts the flow of good health. A real problem for people who shop in typical grocery stores is finding foods that do not include sugar. However, at a health food store online, you can find low carb diet tips , healthy snacks for kids, nutrition for athletes and natural low carb foods and drinks that are not laced with refined sugars.
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