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Low Calorie Snacking

Posted Feb 11 2008 3:34pm 3 Comments

I am all about snacking, and there’s totally nothing wrong with that. It’s better than starving yourself. But, you need to be aware of the snacks that are out there, such as sodium, sugar and trans fats.

Here are some snacks that you can get at the grocery store that are less than 100 calories:

Special K Bars (90 calories)

Sugar Free Jello Snacks (10 calories!)

No Sugar Kozy Shack Rice Pudding (90 calories)

O’Coco’s Organic Chocolate Crisps (90 calories)

Carrot Dippers with Organic Ranch Dip (90 calories)

Comments (3)
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I have had the Special K bars and they are pretty good. The strawberry flavor is too sweet for me, so I prefer the chocolate ones. And as always, Jell-O and rice pudding are good snacks.
I find that if you're trying to diet, replacing your normal snack foods with sugar-free substitutes doesn't always work. Sugar free substitutes are not only carcinogenic, but they also trick your body into thinking you've consumed more calories than you have. This causes your cravings to increase, because your body is expecting energy and nourishment that it isn't getting. Grabbing reduced fat cottage cheese or other low-fat proteins are great snack options. Protein keeps you satiated for longer and helps to sustain energy. Veggies are always good too - vitamins, minerals, and fiber. However, if you're looking for something with more of a kick I'd try protein and other snacks that have no sugar, but that also don't have artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols.
Thanks, this is helpful. I usually stick to apples and bananas! Otherwise I find I just need more, more, more!
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