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Lovestruck Hangover

Posted Feb 18 2013 8:53pm

Have you recovered from your lovestruck hangovers from Valentine’s Day? I’m still recovering ;) I had quite the lovely weekend.

The hub and I “celebrated” (we like to keep it real for this holiday) Valentine’s Day this past weekend.  Just because we didn’t officially do anything on the actual day doesn’t mean that Thursday night’s dinner was any less foodgasmic! IMG_1864

Grilled chipotle chicken with avocado, cheddar jalapeno cornbread and mexican seasoned baked potatoes.  As I was eating the clouds opened and the angels started to sing in the food’s glory.  Foodgasm At. It’s. Finest.

Our small town has a lot of coffee shops, antique stores, chocolate factories, markets, restaurants- basically a lot to see a do for a small town of 2,000.  We have been wanting to explore our current small town since we relocated to in Ohio six months ago and finally had the chance to do it over the weekend.

While exploring we found a magical road that must lead to heaven.  IMG_1888

We were able to visit some super unique stores. IMG_1873 Michael basically had to drag me out of the store after he realized I was drooling all over the beautiful furniture/mirrors/frames and I was proclaiming I needed everything.  EVERYTHING.   Do you spot the hub in the mirror?!  Bwahaha.

I don’t believe a day of shopping (or window shopping in our case) is ever complete without a stop for a coffee.  It somehow has the ability to put a stamp on the day and bring it to a full circle.  Ya know?!

IMG_1882 IMG_1883

I ordered a misto, which apparently is also called a cafe au lait?  It’s my favorite go-to drink of half brewed coffee and half steamed milk.  I typically go with soy unless there is  rarity that almond milk is offered.  Working for Starbucks for 3 years in college has forever ruined me and coffee lingo.  I still call everything I order either a tall, grande or venti.  (Hides face in shame).


The coffee date was complete with devouring the only purchase we made of the day: espresso dark chocolate.  Life is better with coffee and chocolate.

We opted out of eating out for dinner (I just feel so guilty spending so much money on one meal when I can just make it myself at home!) and decided to celebrate love by carb-loading with pasta and bread. IMG_1887  I made goat cheese and artichoke whole wheat pasta.  Basicallyyyyy to die for.  Throw in a side of kalamata olive bread and THIS woman is in heaven.  CARB heaven?! Yes, carb heaven=love in my heart.

We finished our date day by watching  half of the first Downton Abbey season.  We are officially on the train!  It was the perfect way to celebrate for us.  I love that we can have so much fun together by basically doing nothing.  True love right there, folks ;)

Hope you’re enjoying the beginning of your week.  Make it a marvelous one!






Do you celebrate Valentine’s day?

What are your thoughts on eating out? 


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