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losing weight...only to get fat and prego again

Posted by Amy P.

I lost all my baby weight and am now 2 lbs less than the first time I conceived. But I have some issues with diabetes that lingered after my first pregnancy, and my fat has definitely redistributed. I like being pregnant, but my body and my pancreas apparently DON'T. In any case, we're going to try for another one this year since it's Year of the Boar. Next year is Year of the Rat, also a good one. But my goal is a 10% weight loss because that would be a very healthy place to be for pregnancy, and especially since I could stand to do it even during a pregnancy. It's a myth, apparently, that you have to gain 25-30 lbs during your pregnancy. Some people need to gain more to maintain a healthy pregnancy, and some folks, like myself, can stand to gain zero. I'm not a huge woman, but I am pretty solidly built, and I am considered obese (a word that makes me cry more than the happier sounding "fatty fatty fatkins".) Anyway, I figure once I've gone a second round with babymaking, I can be done with it. I'm also pretty old. So anything that happens between now and 40 will only be self and life-improving.
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You're right, it's a myth that everyone has to gain the standard 30lbs during pregnancy, but even those considered obese should gain 10 - 15lbs. But I know people who have barely gained weight and still had a healthy baby, but I certainly wouldn't suggest that. I'm sorry you had to go through the whole gestational diabetes. My sister in law suffered from that and I know it was hard on her and my brother. But they took excellent care of it and have a healthy baby boy. Good luck!
Way to go on getting your weight back down! I agree with EmilyR: there is no such thing as a universal weight recommendation for pregnancy, and if your body has done the weight swing once, it will know what to do again. Since you have the diabetes thing to worry about, I encourage you to really focus on staying healthy with your blood sugars, keep up any activity you are doing, etc... way more important to be HEALTHY for pregnancy (and in general) than to weigh a certain amount. Hopefully you have access to some great one-on-one help with diabetes & pregnancy? If not, ask your OB/GYN for a dietitian referral to someone who deals with that specifically. Here's to the Boar Babies!
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