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Lose weight with the mediterranean diet

Posted by Misia

Need a healthy and balanced weight loss program? is a great site to get a free, personalized mediterranean diet.

I'm Italian and I always recommend the mediterranean diet as the best way to eat healthy and lose weight without sacrificing flavour: it contains many fiber-rich plant food sources such as vegetables, legumes, fruit and grains that not only provide our bodies with fiber, mineral salts and vitamins essential for growth and well being...they are also relatively low in calories, helping us to avoid weight gain.

On you can get a free mediterranean persolized diet, based on your nutrition needs and provided by a team of nutritionists from the Italian Association of Food Science (Sisa). You just need to sign-up and give information about your weight, your lifestyle (is your life sedentary or active?), your food preferences (what kind of foods do you like eating?) and your weight-loss goal (how many pounds do you want to lose?) and you'll receive by email a daily or weekly eating plan balanced for your personal health & weight loss needs. On Italiandiet you can also find useful guidelines for a healthy eating and a lot of italian recipes.

Try out your diet and let me know how it is working out for you! :-D

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Diets don't work.  Eat whole food.  Limit sugar & salt.  Move more.  Change eating habits & weight won't be an issue.

You're right, if you are speaking about “diet” in the strict interpretation of the word, whereas I was speaking about “diet” as an eating and cooking style, as a lifestyle, we could say. It doesn't mean wiping out some foods – that is useless and dangerous -. It means having a healthy, balanced and varied dietary habit, containing all the different categories of foods in order to assure the intake of necessary nutrients and providing your body with a contribution of energy equal to your actual caloric requirements. It means, in my personal experience (based on the mediterranean eating style) and just for instance, following some simply, daily rules that may help me control my weight in a healthy and easy way, without any renunciation of food or sacrifice: choosing traditional bread and trying to avoid specialty breads that are often prepared with the addition of oil or butter; eating chicken and turkey meats more than red meats, because they are less fatty; eating also plenty of fish, especially "blue" fish like sardines, that has low fat composition and elevated nutritional value; using olive oil because it is extremely digestible and helps you in the digestion of other fats. It means eating properly, and maybe if you learn how to do that, then – I agree with you - there's no need for a weight loss diet... Unfortunately, plenty of people do not eat correctly for thousands of reasons: because they don't have time, because they often eat out, or just because they do not know what “eating correctly” means... We are here to share experiences, advice and suggestions, and I hope it can help. What do you think about it?

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