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Lose the Love Handles

Posted by Heather J.

To get rid of the spare tire, you have to tone up the whole vehicle. That is, burn fat and tone muscle, with special emphasis on the middle. Love handles generally begin disappearing on men when they reach 12 percent body fat; on women, it starts to happen at about 20 percent body fat. Combined with a healthy diet, work up to four to six fat-burning workouts a week, such as belly dancing, kick boxing, martial arts, mountain biking, and rowing, all of which burn calories and also place emphasis on your obliques and rectus abdominals, the muscles that reside underneath that spare tire. In addition try these moves: Side Bridge. Lie on your right side with your bent knees slightly forward of your body and your feet tucked behind you. Bend your right elbow and rest your forearm along the floor so that your right hand is out in front of you and place your left palm in front of your chest for balance and support as needed. Pull your abs in tight. Keeping your abs pulled strongly inward, lift your torso and hips off the floor and hold for a slow count of 20. As you hold, concentrate on letting your abdominal muscles do all of the work and keeping your neck, shoulders and lower back relaxed. Slowly lower to the start, rest briefly, and repeat twice before switching to the other side. Bicycles. Lie on your back with your left knee bent toward your chest, your right leg extended and a few inches off the floor. Place your hands behind your head, fingertips touching; curl your head, neck and shoulders up. Rotate from your middle so that your right elbow is pointing toward your left knee.
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This is great advice, especially the information about body fat. People often wonder why they simply can't shake that final 5 or whatever when they work out, and it almost always has to do with the amount of body fat a person carries on their body. Body fat can't be removed unless the person is working to reduce the fat content from their diet along with working out. These exercises are a great suggestion for putting the focus on a certain area of the body that most people struggle with (those lovely love handles). Burning off the weight isn't just a phrase - if you're working it out, you can feel that burning sensation just melting your fat away.
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