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Lose the Dough

Posted Jan 11 2010 4:27am

Good morning, friends! 8-)

Does Murphy look like he put on a few pounds? I swear thing dog gains weight overnight. I had to adjust his Puppia again before we went out this morning. When is this little guy going to stop growing!?! He’s at least 23 pounds now!


Speaking of gaining weight overnight, I sort of feel like I did after eating almost 10 cookies yesterday. :-? Check out Elina’s photo of me in action at the Cookie Swap. At least, I really enjoyed myself! ;-)


So, are you ready for my news? Let’s do breakfast first! ;-)


This morning’s breakfast was a wonderful egg white sandwich with soy cheddar cheese and buffalo sauce on a toasted Sandwich Thin. Obviously, I love this combo!


On the side, I had some apple slices.


And a Red Eye (coffee + shot of espresso)! 8-O



And here’s my news!

Lose the Dough

So, my 30th birthday is right around the corner. Some people bug-out about turning 30, but I’m really looking forward to it. Entering a new decade is sort of like turning over a new leaf.

I want to enter my 30’s as my healthiest self and looking my best, so I’ve decided to embark on a 5-month journey to get myself in tip-top shape. I’ve named this challenge: Lose the Dough for the Big 3-0.

Ok, so the name is little corny, but I think it describes my current situation pretty well. It’s not like I need to lose weight, but since our wedding well over a year ago, I’ve put on a few pounds– nothing major, but I still feel a little “doughy.” Remember how ripped I looked back in July 2008!?! I worked hard for that body, but slowly and surely, the post-wedding pounds have caught up with me. It’s no big deal, but now I want to lose the “dough” for one of the most important birthdays of my life.

With the help of my good friends at Healthworks, I plan to lose the dough and document everyday of my journey from January 19 to June 19, 2010 (my 30th birthday). I’ll keep you updated with my progress and share my daily eats, workouts, and insights into a 5-month shape-up challenge. Through this journey, I hope to tone-up and look great for my 30th, but I also want to show my readers that these changes don’t happen overnight. If you’ve read my weight loss story, you know that it look me an entire year to lose 25 pounds. Permanent changes to my lifestyle helped me lose the weight and keep it off for 5+ years now.

Lose the Dough for the Big 3-0 may seem like a “diet” since it’s timeframe spans just 5 months, but I don’t view it this way at all. Of course, I hope to lose a few pounds and shape-up, but I want the changes that I make to stick with me longer than just those 5 months. Basically, my 30th birthday was the perfect excuse for me to step-it-up with living a healthy lifestyle!

If you want to embark on a similar journey to “lose the dough” (for a special occasion or even bikini season), I’d love to have you join me! I know there are quite a few 1980 babies out there, too! ;-) I officially begin the challenge next Tuesday, January 19th, exactly 5 months from my 30th birthday. I’m having my measurements and “before” photo taken at Healthworks later this morning and I’ll reveal my “game plan” for the 5-month challenge next Monday– the day before the official start. If you’d like to join in, you have one week to get yourself organized (i.e. take measurements, set up a game plan, etc.). If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Wish me luck! I need all the support and encouragement I can get!

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