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Looks Like We are Moving & Yoga Essays

Posted Apr 02 2009 12:43pm

Ok, so we’re not really moving, but it sure looks like we are! Our apartment is in shambles this morning! We are having our rugs cleaned this afternoon (we take spring cleaning very seriously! ;-) ), so we needed to move as much stuff off the floor as we could for the cleaners. So, now all of our smaller furniture is on top of our bigger furniture until the rugs are finished. Although, this morning, it was actually kind of nice having a little extra room in the living room to do some strength training while catching up with my DVR episodes. :-D

And that was basically a tour of our entire apartment (minus the bathroom and very small dining area)! I like our cute, little apartment, but man, I am ready to move to something bigger! 


I finally got around to making another batch of wheatberries last night, which was a nice surprise when I remembered them this morning. I honestly love wheatberries! They just add a little something-something to my morning bowl of oats! In the mix today was oats, wheatberries, pecans, banana, soy milk, and peanut butter. 

With iced coffee…

Vote for Your Favorite Essay

As many of you know, I hosted a 31 Day Yoga Challenge for anyone who wanted to participate. Once the Challenge ended, I asked participants to submit an “essay” about their thoughts, insights, and reflexions into the Yoga Challenge and yoga, in general. I received 9 wonderful essays and I hope you will help me select 3 “winners” from the bunch. By “winners” I mean, three participants to receive one of three prizes:  yoga DVDs or a yoga mat. So, if you would like to add your 2 cents, please read all 9 essays and select your favorite based on its thoughtfulness, sincerity, insight or whatever else personally resonates with you. The 3 essays that receive the most votes will win the prizes.

Step 1: Read essays 

Yoga Reflection Essays

Step 2: Select your favorite essay by Friday, April 3. 

Doodle Poll 

Thanks for voting, guys! I’ll announce the winners on Saturday. 

Question of the Day

What’s the smallest apartment/space you have lived in for an extended period for time (3+ months)? How did you deal with the lack of space?

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