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Look, Ma!

Posted Feb 19 2011 10:53am

Two hands!

We’ve come a long a way from our tandem bike accident during our honeymoon in November.

It may have taken 12 weeks, but Bobby’s doctor finally gave the “OK” yesterday to remove the bright blue cast that had become a comfortable part of our lives.

Only joking, of course. Bobby couldn’t WAIT to get that thing off of him! :)

He looks like he’s going to attack something in this one.

The realities of our trip to the doctor yesterday were very interesting. When the cast first came off, you would have been amazed at how his thumb and wrist looked after being trapped under fiberglass for so long. I will spare you the pictures, but let’s just say that as human beings, we shed a heck of a lot of skin and when it has nowhere to go…it ain’t pretty! ;) With a little loofah action and lotion, however, everything is almost back to normal.

Another reality check was that at first, it was almost impossible for Bobby to move his thumb. It’s amazing what can happen when your brain no longer has to give attention to a certain area. Fortunately, the doctor said he likely won’t need physical therapy, as long as he continues to do small exercises every day to gain back full functionality.

One such exercise is re-learning how to hold a wine glass with your right hand.

To celebrate his new cast-free way of living, we opened a bottle of Malbec. It was called Camino del Toro and we got it with our Groupon to Barclay’s Wine (you have to love a coupon for wine). Truly excellent. I have yet to meet a Malbec that I don’t like!

The next true test will be preparing dinner. Bobby creates beautiful works of art but has struggled with chopping using one hand (not to mention it’s dangerous). Gripping the knife with his right hand again should hopefully help him regain familiarity!

I can’t wait for more dishes like this veggie-filled whole wheat pasta.

Chopped mushrooms, sauteed spinach and stove-softened vegetables like broccoli, red pepper and onion, all mixed with a tomato sauce and thrown over whole wheat pasta al dente. Swoon.

The best news, though? Now I’m not the only one who is able to do the dishes. :mrgreen:

Question: Do you have any stretching exercises for a healing wrist or hand?

We would love to hear from anyone who has gone through this before!

Enjoy your weekend, everyone! And please, if you haven’t already, vote for my good friend Mara in the POM Wonderful Valentine Cupcakes contest! I can vouch that her cupcakes are AMAZING.

CaSaundra is in the contest, too! See her link in my last post .


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